Blog Philosophy

This is strictly my own personal philosophy of blogs. It represents only my thinking. I don’t think you to have to agree with me or that you should have to follow these same guidelines on your blog. With that said…

Blogging in general is a good thing. It lets you empty your mind and it’s a great vehicle for allowing others to draw inspiration from your experiences. My problem with blogging is that it rarely fosters face-to-face communication, in my observation. I’ve seen many people stressed at blog posts and blog comments because someone said something they’d never dare say in person. I think this is unlike anything God intends for us to do and, therefore, I think He would want us to guard against it.

God intends us to go and meet face-to-face with people over any important matters, even in our modern, high-tech world. And I’m positive of God’s intent when it comes to problems between people: leave in the middle of your act of giving at the altar (or blogging at your computer) and go and be reconciled to your brother. I just don’t see people doing that on blogs when a comment or blog post upsets them; I mostly see them continue in trying to solve stressful situations through more typing.

You may leave encouraging thoughts for any writer or other blogger, but you may not leave anything that causes stress or is not helpful in building others up. If you feel stress from a blog or if you want to dialogue about something important, please contact me or the author and we’ll arrange a much more personal way of talking than typing back and forth on this blog.

I hope all that makes sense. I’m not binding these thoughts on anyone else. I just want this blog to be glorifying to God’s intent toward personal communication between His children.



2 responses to “Blog Philosophy

  1. Katie

    I think you’re right, Gary. It is so much easier to talk or express something with a few key strokes, than it is to face a person and tell them whats wrong. This is something we really need to work on, because it does cause more stress and hurt to the people involved. It takes more courage to talk to people face to face and it is good to be more couragous, in that type of situation.

  2. odd as this may sound, I find it easier to connect face to face, writing is new for me… I forgot to mention, I put you on my blogroll, I keep coming back to much not to! I enjoy your relevant postings. peace… cindy

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