SlutWalk and Sex God

Well, that title should get your attention and keep you reading!

SlutWalk DC 2011 - click to enlarge

I glanced at Facebook just a few minutes ago and saw a post by my college friend, Kristina Korobov. It was of the picture you see here. It struck me as a very poignant statement about the culture in which we’re all struggling along; a culture that causes emotional baggage in all of us. I’m not going to attempt much of a social commentary here because sexuality and objectification of people is far too broad and intricate a subject to deal with fairly in a blog. But my prayer is that you have people in your life with whom you are talking about these things; talking about ways to bless people, talking about how to hurt yourself and others less, talking about guiding people younger than yourself, talking about being guided by wise people older than yourself.

Follow this link to read more about SlutWalk. Even with the many sides of the issue brought to mind by this picture, we can all learn something from this subject. And if you want to read what I consider to be good, Godly wisdom on the subject, then please check on Rob Bell’s Book, Sex God. He talks about the endless links between sexuality and spirituality. It’s worth your money, your time and your consideration.

At the very least today, think about how you value sexuality in your life and how you’re guiding and influencing the people around you. Be intentional in your example, attitude and guidance. The young people in your life will grow up to thank you for helping them have less emotional baggage to take into adulthood.


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