More Than Saved

Curt says I like to quote myself and I hate to disappoint him…

Salvation (God’s work) is not the same as discipleship (our work w/ God) so stop working to keep your salvation and get to work blessing people.   -Me, today on Twitter

And if someone has tweeted it, you can be sure that it’s the truth.

Collin at the petting zoo in Disney's Animal Kingdom. I made him pose with this picture because of his constant focus on remaining full.

I grew up worried about salvation. Not so much about being saved by God through Jesus; that seemed fairly straight forward. I was worried about staying saved. And I wasted immeasurable energy over the years working to keep myself righteous and moral enough to remain saved. It’s only been in the last 10 years that I’ve come to the truth that salvation, both then and now and forever, is God’s work alone. I knew it intellectually much longer ago, of course, but in my heart, it’s feels to be a very recent reality.

Now that I’m free from the limitless work of salvation, I’m free to serve people. I don’t have to serve my salvation; I can truly love people as God loves people: with abandon, with extravagant love. I can live as God’s child and not as a groveling slave hoping for just enough of a blessing to live to see another day, not as someone seeking the approval of others; but like Jesus, with Grace and Love and Purpose.

God’s love and grace doesn’t allow me to squeeze into Heaven; God opened the door wide enough to relieve my worries.

My work with God now is to show people that door of hope, to feed hungry people, to talk with lonely people, to embrace cold people, to take unclean hands into mine, to sort through confusion, to lead through the maze of doubts, to speak calmly to the hurting, to speak plainly to the arrogant, to shelter others from the judgmental, and to sit often alone with my Maker to reflect on the purpose of it all.

Eternal God, in Heaven beyond us, help me to be so much more than saved.


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  1. I love this post so much. It is exaclty where I am, where I’ve been, what I’m trying to become 🙂

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