Have a Generous Day

Pappy and Collin walking a trail together at Spring Mill State Park

Yesterday was Easter and much of the world celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus. Although we really celebrate the resurrection each week, we do it in a more focused way on Easter. This reminds me of the new life being created in me and around me each day. Our worship at our church family was also made special because we had Baby Dedication to celebrate new life. We had 11 babies born this year in our church family and we asked God’s blessings on them yesterday. It was a good day.

At the end of worship, a little boy from our church walked up to me. He’s been known as a fairly rambunctious kid in the past but he seems to be calmer and kinder lately. He’s about 9 and usually has hair that looks just a tad disheveled, which gives him that cute, devious appearance. For the past month after worship on Sunday mornings, he’s asked me what he can do to help. I’ve given him a small task each week and have been impressed with his dedication to doing the task well. Yesterday, I asked him to carry the communion tray lids back to the kitchen in the rear of our Family Life Center. He had to make two trips to get them all. When he came back to report in, he said, “I wonder when I’m gonna start getting paid for all this work?”

I’ve chuckled several times about this innocent, childhood comment. But it’s also made me wonder how often we are childish in our expectations. How often do we help others with the intent of really helping ourselves? I’m not accusing you of always having this as a primary, conscious motivation but, if you’re like me, it’s often lurking around as at least a part of my intent. And now I’m wondering when the last situation occurred when I helped someone who was truly of no consequence in my life; a situation where I wouldn’t be noticed doing good and where the person could do absolutely no good back to me.

To add to my thoughts, I found that my friend Kim had written on a subject really close to this on her blog this morning. And she included this quote for meditation:

A truly generous man is he that always gives, whether it be much or little, before he is asked. ~Orchot Tsadiqim

Give this some thought today and find a truly generous thing to do. Just one will do for today. Then another tomorrow. It’ll add up.


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