Wise Guys (and Girl!)

Geocaching / Hiking at Martin State Forest near the Fire Tower

But yesterday was favorite day of the week so far. Three wise people in my life said things worth recording here in the blog. All of the statements have to do with pondering what’s really important in life. They cause me to ask myself if I’m focusing on temporary things or longer-lasting things. These pieces of wisdom get to the heart of what’s important so don’t miss what’s really being said or asked. I won’t interpret them for you. Ponder and apply as you see fit.

Amanda Brinkman

I had breakfast with Amanda yesterday morning. She’s an impressive young lady with a great mind and focus on helping others. We talked about many important things. The thing that stuck with me was Amanda saying she’d been trying to evaluate how happy she was and what happiness means. She said, “I know I’m happy in the temporary things but I’m thinking more about what happiness means out over time.”

Bryan Edwards

I got to hang out with Bryan and Jake Parsley yesterday evening before youth group. We talked about many issues and ideas in life. Bryan and Jake tend to make people think so I wasn’t surprised at this. Bryan has been challenging my brain for years! He’s very focused on keeping his friendships healthy and is good at investing in people. This trait will be a blessing to people as he follows his plan to be a doctor. As we talked about the new universal health care developments and how they will affect his future profession, he said something insightful and self-aware. Bryan said of the law, “No one called me from Washington to ask my opinion. There must be a reason for that.”

Collin Spear

Collin is special. You’ve probably heard me say that before. I think he’s actually a combination of Luke Burris and Jake Parsley. He’s an intelligent, thoughtful, anxious, engaging, energetic, bright little boy who’s pretty sure he usually has a better plan than you have. Yesterday on our hike at Martin State Forest, Collin fell in the creek and got too muddy to ride home in his clothes. So he stripped down to his underwear and strapped into his car seat. On the way back to Mitchell, we pulled into the tiny town of Huron to get gas at their one gas station. Since Collin is a 1st grader and a good reader now, he loves to read signs. He looked up at the door into the gas station and said, “Look at that sign. It says ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’ but I think I’d care more about pants.”



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2 responses to “Wise Guys (and Girl!)

  1. Krystal

    Collin is awesome.

    I, too, care more about pants, although I have to admit that shirts and shoes are definitely beneficial.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. rick

    i have always felt the same way as collin on that issue. i have been tempted to walk in to places without pants to see what would happen!

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