Lunch with Collin

Collin taking a coordinate reading on the DeLorme PN-40

Collin taking a coordinate reading on the DeLorme PN-40

It was a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. I wanted to use my lunch time to place a new geocache so I called the elementary school to spring Collin for his lunch hour too! I picked him up as a surprise and he was really excited. Michelle made lunch for us and left it on the porch in a Transformers lunch box: yummy peanut butter and banana wraps!

We headed out to rural Lawrence County to Twin Bridge Road, which is just a bit northwest from Blue Bird Pie Road. I’m not making this stuff up.

Out on Twin Bridge Road, there are…you guessed it…two bridges. They’re not identical but they’re both old and only about 100 yards apart. The road is just wide enough for one vehicle and the need for two bridges is due to the fact that the creek doubles back on itself. It’s a beautiful, out-of-the-way spot for a geocache. If you’re a cacher, follow this link to see the listing.

Here’s part of the conversation on the drive out to the bridges…

Collin:  Daddy, thanks for getting me for lunch.

Me:   Collin, I like to come get you for lunch.

Collin:  And thanks for spending time with me.

Me:   Collin, I love to spend time with you because you’re my little boy and it’s important to spend time with people you love.

Collin:  Why is spending time so important?

Me:  Because you know I love you when I spend time with you. You know you’re more important than other things I could be doing. And it’s so you know to spend time with your little boy someday when you have one.

Collin:  But I may not have a little boy.

Me:  Well, your little girl then.

Collin:  I may not have any kids.

Me:  Most people have kids so you probably will too.

Collin:  Daddy, you don’t know the future or what I’ll do in the future.

Me:  This is true.

Collin:  I might not have kids. God might want me to and he might not want me to. He could have all kinds of things for me to do.

Me:  That’s true and it’s important to keep God in mind.

Collin: Plus, having kids means I ‘d have to like a girl and do that kissing stuff.

(Silence for reflection by both of us)



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8 responses to “Lunch with Collin

  1. Amy Dixon

    Yes, Gary, and we both know that he will NEVER like a girl and do that kissing stuff, right?! I am never getting married, and I am never having kids, too. (Says me 22+ years, a great Christian husband, and 2 wonderful sons ago)hahaha! Love ya!
    Amy D.

  2. Collin is right, it’s totally not worth it.

  3. Deb

    You did get this recorded, right? Could come in handy in a few years…

  4. Jake Parsley

    It’s true. Girls have cooties.

  5. Kendra

    Oh no!!! Kissing causes babies?! I’m in trouble!!!

  6. Your blogs make me excited about having children and the future conversations I’ll have with them. It also makes me miss your kids!

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