A Man Named Pearl

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This was another great documentary we rented from Netflix. I’ll give it 4.5 out of 5 stars for its capture of Pearl’s spirit and contagious love of life. There are many interesting, southern people to meet in the movie and you’ll also get a glimpse into rural southern culture. I’d recommend this movie to any of you who love documentaries. And if you don’t currently love documentaries, this might be one you should start with and be won over to love them!! You can order it from Netflix if you’re a member or do a search for it online. 

Here is a description from the movie’s website… 

A MAN NAMED PEARL chronicles the story of Pearl’s dazzling garden as well as his extraordinary life, both of which serve as inspirations to his family, his community, and the thousands of visitors who come to experience Pearl’s world each year. The film traces Pearl’s journey from a small town sharecropper’s son to an internationally-acclaimed artist, and from his initial goal to win the Bishopville, SC, “Yard of the Month Award”—a goal instigated by a bigoted remark—to the many accolades that followed, including museum exhibitions and his status as the celebrated cultural icon of his impoverished town. Now 68, the soft-spoken Pearl has just one wish for all those who wander through his living art: they must leave feeling differently than when they arrived.
 Balanced gracefully on a ladder, deftly carving with his electric hedge trimmer, Pearl Fryar has the elegance and strength of a dancer. He is, by contrast, a topiary sculptor, an artist whose medium is discarded or “junk” plant life and whose canvas is his magical and fantastical garden.
 Intimate and uplifting, A MAN NAMED PEARL offers a captivating window into the life a man who turned obstacles into breathtakingly beautiful possibilities.

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4 responses to “A Man Named Pearl

  1. Deb

    Headed to my queue as I read…

  2. Will you sponsor a 1 year Netflix plan for me? pls pls pls

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