Dinner Time, Story Time

Here in Spear World we’ve started a tradition of reading stories from the Bible during dessert each night at dinner. Since I don’t care much for sweet things, it’s convenient for me to read while the kids enjoy their treat. We have a children’s bible, from which we usually read. It’s titled The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. It’s a good paraphrase of stories and we’d recommend it for a good children’s version.

Here’s how tonight’s story time went…

Menu: homemade rosemary marinara sauce over shrimp and pasta.

Dessert: chocolate pudding, as chosen by Collin and Elsa

Bible Story: Noah and the Ark with supporting actor roles by his sons.

(I read the story with very little interruption by the children and asked them if they had any questions.)

Collin: “I don’t remember the names of Noah’s sons.”

Me: “Elsa, do you remember their names?”

Elsa:  “Rainbows are pretty.”

Me: “Very true. Collin, did any of that help you remember.”

Collin: “No”

Michelle: “Collin just remember that Noah had three sons. When you remember the name of the first one, you’ll probably remember the other two names also. So just try to remember the name of the first son.”

Collin: “I don’t remember.”

Michelle: “Remember, the son’s name is the same as the name of a food that’s one of your favorites for lunch.”

Collin: “Pizza? Noah named his son Pizza?”

I love living here with these people!



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5 responses to “Dinner Time, Story Time

  1. Julie

    Gary, I laughed out loud at this. You guys are so great. I wish I had kept a journal of all the things my kids said growing up….well not ALL the things….Alexis was a TALKER!!!!

  2. Deb

    Can I be invited for supper some night?

  3. anon

    God doesn’t exist.

    • Hey Anon –

      I usually don’t approve anonymous comments but I wanted to just say thanks for stopping in to read. I have several atheist friends so you’re just as welcome here as they are!

      But I will point out, as I do with them, that the fact you don’t believe in God doesn’t cause him TO NOT EXIST any more than my belief in him cause him TO EXIST. Our beliefs have nothing to do with and no affect on his existence so I tend to approach things from a direction of more critical thought rather than assertions such as those.

      Anyway, I sent you an email so we can continue the discussion if you’d like to. I hope you have a good day and feel free to keep visiting here!

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