Daily Thanks – 10/27/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Collin read me a story today on the way to school called ‘Space Pup.’ One of life’s most fulfilling rewards is to watch your child’s mind expand and potential open up before them.
  • Some of us got to load a semi with bags of corn this morning that will go to feed hungry people in Honduras. The semi will take 42,000 pounds of locally grown corn to people who the mission team from our church met this summer. This is all through the Bryantsville Hunger Relief Project. You can go read about it here. Allen Burris, our minister, and a lot of other people on their board do a lot of hard work to run this ministry.
  • I got to help Rose Warren pick up food for our church family’s food. She and Ralph do a lot of hard work with our food pantry to feed people here in Mitchell.
  • I picked Collin up at school to take him out for lunch at El Compadre. It’s funny to have a dad/son lunch with just the two of us. He wanted me to teach him how to add ‘big numbers’ together while we ate.
  • While I was at school I got to see Jenny Day and Nurse Deb, who are always fun to chat with.
  • While we were at El Compadre, we ran into Jess Cassidy and Scotlyn, who were enjoying a mother/daughter lunch carry-out together! We even got to talk for a second about the geocache that’s hidden at her office. Collin and I are planning to go visit her and find it soon! 
  • Matina Hobson and her daughter, Tara, worked hard to fix a great lunch for some of the youth group girls. Thanks Matina! Lindsay Slone also helped with lunch, as usual, and Melissa Passmore helped too!
  • My old friend, Randy Hamm, stopped by for a chat today.
  • Cousin Christie, who works at Verizon, got a new phone setup for Michelle today and we picked it up this afternoon. Elsa was very excited for Michelle to get a new phone because she got Michelle’s old one for a toy. She even took it to bed with her tonight to sleep with.
  • Matthew and Kortni had us over for a great dinner of homemade pizza. Grammy and Pappy got to come too!
  • Alayna Super and I had a great chat today!
  • We had Upper Classmen discussion group tonight and had a good discussion on God’s principles with Curt Parsley, Jake Parsley, Alayna, Rebecca Burris, Alyssa Jenkins, and Lauren Young.
  • God gives us principles that guide us no matter the situation we’re in.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 10/27/2009

  1. your community sounds like a great place to live. I’ve said it before and will say it again, love what you’re doing here on the blog!

  2. thank you’s are the best…. what I love best??? your last post was on my birthday! 29 again, I am truly blessed to stay in that year!

    still stopping in! keep posting!

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