Daily Thanks – 10/?-26/2009

Well, I’m getting back to my thanks! The last two weeks were crazy with work, travel and school break.

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Today on the way to school, Collin and I listened to his favorite new song: “Gitchee Gitchee Goo” from Phineas and Ferb. Now, let me say that I’ve never been much of a cartoon lover but Phineas and Ferb is witty and funny!
  • There’s a line in that song that says, “Bow chicka chicka bow wow, that’s what my baby says.” Michelle is having fun randomly saying “Bow chicka bow wow” as the kids pass through the room just to hear them finish the line. They never fail. We’ve listened to the song so much that they finish it without even knowing they’re doing it. It’s hilarious.
  • Emily Murphy and I had a great chat about life today.
  • Matina Hobson stopped by the office to chat today.
  • We had youth group pizza lunch today, which is always fun and humorous.
  • After school at FM, we went geocaching. Jake Parsley and I had been a couple of times. Rebecca Burris and Becky Warren came along for the first time. We found 3 caches and also found a huge gravestone in an old, country cemetery of a man who was buried standing up. Interesting!
  • We also delivered popsicles and orange juice to Ashley Earls, who was home sick. It was Rebecca’s idea!
  • Michelle fixed split pea soup for dinner. I don’t really like soup all that much or split peas. But the soup wasn’t bad. What I love mostly is that Michelle loves us enough to make homemade things for us to eat that are good for us.
  • We had a relaxing night at home just hanging out.
  • I got a text from Lauren King last night, which was cool since I hadn’t talked to her in a couple of weeks.
  • Martha & Marc Fields fixed lunch last week for the girls group.
  • Christy Knowles sent me an encouraging wall post of Facebook.
  • Jennifer Coombes wrote from OK to check in on Spear World. I think she probably thought something happened to me since I hadn’t blogged in so long!
  • Last weekend I got to watch Meghan Hill marry David Newsom. Collin and Elsa were in the wedding. Elsa wore a dress that Meghan wore when she was a little girl. Collin had trouble keeping his shirt tucked in and his pants straight before the wedding. He kept saying, “Daddy, will you help me uncrooked my pants?”
  • Luke Burris, Collin and I got to go geocaching while we were in Alabama for the wedding.
  • I got to meet Caroline Cook’s parents and also worship with them at their church family on Sunday morning.
  • I had lunch last week with Larry Hollan, Bryan Edwards and Andrew Muth. That’s quite a crew.
  • Over Thursday of fall break, our family went geocaching and had a blast. We ended up at the Bryantsville church graveyard. As we were leaving, Collin said he had to pee. I told him just to pee outside since we were out in the country. He then asked if he could climb up on one of the church’s picnic tables, stand on top of it and pee off to see how far it would go.  He’s special. And yes, I told him no.
  • On Friday, I went to lunch at Asuka with Lauren Young, Jocelyn Schlegel, Rebecca Burris, Darci Roberts, Aaron Taflinger, Ashley Earls, Ben Burris and Emmalee Shover. Ashley was trying to show Lauren her phone and tried to slide it across the habachi grill, which was on. It stopped half way across and it would have melted after another few seconds if they hadn’t rescued it.
  • Collin, Elsa and I drove out to Williams on Saturday to see the covered bridge. The covered bridge has been there since 1884 and is covered with graffiti on the inside, which saddens me but fascinates Collin. He’s in first grade and just learning to spell so any large collection of words catches his attention. He said, “It must have been high schoolers who did the graffiti because no one else could spell all these big words.”
  • Caroline Cook and I are having an ongoing conversation about God and life. I like that.
  • Some of the teens and parents forked my yard to show me how much they love me. You can see pics in my facebook album.
  • Grammy performed in the local Dancing with the Stars! She’s cool!!!
  • God shines his light on me, not to merely show my faults or to show his displeasure, but to warn me of dangers and point to peace.

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5 responses to “Daily Thanks – 10/?-26/2009

  1. Rick

    was it the cemetery by my house?

  2. jennifer

    We have an indian burial ground a quarter mile from our house. They don’t like us and the feeling is mutual. But like all neighbors after a few years you learn to ignore each other.

  3. Rick

    If I’m correct that may be edens grandpa but im not too sure

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