Daily Thanks – 10/7-9/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I got to start off Wednesday morning with Breakfast at Arby’s with Mike Church. He’s neat guy to chat with.
  • Then I got to have lunch with Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely and Katie Thomas. We had Chinese, which is Grace’s place of employment!!
  • Heather Willison and Lisa Buschman both sent me encouraging messages on Facebook.
  • Kayla Butler quoted me on her Facebook status. I knew I liked that girl! Ha!
  • Curt Parsley wrote an interesting blog from Washington D.C. this week. You should go read it.
  • Wednesday night, we had a great youth group class on our American Teen series. We talked about how rational fears that go unresolved can often create new, irrational fears. We went on to talk about how love drives out fears and that God is love. This is the heart of the message.
  • Thursday morning I had breakfast with some of the Orleans teens at Maple St. restaurant: Becky Warren, Peggy Asbury and Josh Spradlin. Those three are fun and crazy!
  • We made our weekly trip on Thursday to Hoosier Hills Food Bank to pick up bulk food to bring back and feed needy people in Mitchell. Lindsay Slone and James Warren made the trip to help. Lauren Young and Emmalee Shover met us for lunch at Asuka!
  • Lauren pulled another ‘Lauren moment’ again. Before lunch, she was in class over at Ivy Tech. She couldn’t remember if we were all meeting for sure to eat but her cell phone was dead since she forgot her charger in Lafayette. So she couldn’t check directly with anyone by cell phone. She got on an Ivy Tech computer and logged into Facebook. She looked to see who was online and saw Marci Carmichael also on Facebook over at ISU in Terre Haute. So Lauren instant messaged Marci on Facebook chat and had Marci send me a text asking about lunch plans. I text Marci back with the details and she sent an instant message back to Lauren who then had all the details she needed to meet us for lunch. I’m sure there’s a good analogy about life in this situation or at least some social commentary that needs made, but Lauren makes me laugh too hard to ponder anything very serious.
  • Today was our weekly youth group breakfast at Arby’s!! Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Evan Day and Riley Day all beat me and Collin to Arby’s. That doesn’t happen often!! Also at breakfast were Joey Armstrong, Grace Armstrong, Stephan Brazzell, Cody Burton, Chelsea Neely, Dylan Terrell, Alayna Super, Jake Parsley, Wes Burcham and Mickayla Crane. Did I miss anyone?!
  • I had a great, relaxing day at home with Michelle, Elsa and Jude. It was great.
  • We all went for the second installment of our flu vaccination this afternoon. Now supposedly we don’t have to worry about the flu of the swine invading our bodies.
  • Collin and I took a bike ride in the rain in the late afternoon. It’s glorious to hear him laughing as we ride through huge puddles with water flying everywhere. His face was covered in mud specks of mud when we got home and we were both soaked. It’s like getting to re-live my childhood over again!!
  • Elsa has taken to fixing her own hair, which usually involves a head band, two bows and about 7 pretty barrettes all used at once. It’s very unique and pretty as you might imagine.
  • Matthew and the Impact club at BNL hosted a tailgate party tonight before the football game in Bedford. Several churches worked together to donate things. I’m very proud of Matthew for being the sponsor now of this Christian club at BNL. He was the student president of it his senior year of high school, if I remember correctly. And it’s neat to see him grown now into a successful teacher and leader.
  • Jude is a strong little dude who in already trying to roll from his stomach to his back.
  • My TomTom GPS was delivered this week. Thanks goes to Luke Burris for technical advice on the purchase. Thanks also goes to Jake Parsley for entertaining heckling during the purchasing process.
  • Collin is loving the GPS. He’s learning all about maps, streets, signs and directions. The plan is to start geocaching soon!
  • God is speaking to us in many ways, through many means.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!



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  1. jennifer

    Hello from ok. Its chilly and rainy here too. Good excuse to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa and popcorn. Thank God for microwave popcorn and internet failures that lead to break through book ideas. God has a reason and a will.

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