Daily Thanks – 10/5-6/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • The last two morning have been pleasantly chilly. I love Fall. I’ve also added a bike ride to my morning the past two days.
  • Emily Murphy and I had a great chat about life. She’s a very bright young lady.
  • Monday was our weekly youth group pizza lunch, which is always fun. It’s a great relaxed way to meet new people and invite friends.
  • Jonathan Arnold brought his new bulldog puppy by the office so we could see it. It’s cool!
  • I had vegetable soup for lunch on Monday. It was from Arby’s. This is a strange thing for me to be thankful for because soup isn’t a meal; it’s a side dish. But hot soup reminds me that it’s Fall. And I love Fall. I think I’ve mentioned that before.
  • Monday evening we had our family picture taken for the new edition of our church family directory. Jean Sowders is doing a great job as usual capturing people’s lives in photos and she’s also doing a great service for our church family.
  • Monday night Collin and I took a nice long bike ride over to the north side of town. We got to chat with Wes Burcham in the school parking lot and we could see Addy Hardman down by the bleachers cheering with her squad as the MHS JV team played Perry Central. We also stopped by Tom & Paula Sowders house because we saw Matt and Emma and Anna playing in the backyard.
  • Before bed Monday night, Collin asked if it would be a good night to put his tooth under his pillow to see if he could get $5 for it since he had so much trouble getting it out. If you know Michelle and I, you know that we often don’t have cash on us or in the house. (we’re debit card people) So Michelle said, “Collin the tooth fairy may not have $5 on such short notice.” Collin said, “Maybe you could check to see if the mommy tooth fairy has one dollar and the daddy tooth fairy has the other four dollars.” Do you think he’s onto this whole tooth fairy charade?
  • Monday Night Football. I love Fall.
  • Tuesday morning was cloudy with rain on the way. I love rainy days.
  • I saw Mr. Hanner out walking with his grocery cart. George Hanner is an older gentleman here in town who is of lowly means and has very little in the way of life’s comforts. He walks everywhere and I try to pick him up as often as I see him. Today was a good day for this because of the rain. I don’t tell you that I often give an old man ride so I can pat myself on the back or so you can think I’m good. Only God is good. I tell you to remind you that helping people is good for your soul. You should find a way to help someone every day. It’s easy if you just look around with helping in mind.
  • Ryan Fields and I had lunch yesterday. Ryan is always a good guy to hang out with.
  • Yesterday was also girls group lunch. Lots of fun with that crazy group: Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Alayna Super, Jocelyn Shlegel, Addy Hardman, Ashley Earls, Chelsea Neely, Katie Thomas, Alli Trevithick, Clara Cave and a couple of their friends.
  • Anthony Edwards stopped in to chat and just see how life was going. It’s great to work for a group of leaders who actually lead and who love Jesus.
  • Clara Cave and I had a great chat about life. It’s good to feel good about life!
  • Nikki Arnold, Emily Cessna and Emily Williams all sent notes on facebook that made me laugh or smile.
  • John Hudson and I had a good text conversation about books and life. There’s a lot of potential in that guy.
  • Jude smiles…a lot.
  • Elsa sings…a lot. She also runs several businesses from behind my recliner including a library and a Wal-Mart.
  • God begins preparing us to bless others during their troubles long before the troubles even begin.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 10/5-6/2009

  1. Rick

    Spear, it’s October now.

  2. Jake Parsley

    Jeez, Five bucks? Back in my day all I got was two dollars. Mind you they were silver and gold dollars, but the point still stands.

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