Daily Thanks – 10/2-4/2009

My last two weeks have been the kind of busy that makes you want to turn your mind off every time you sit down. Of course, these same kind of weeks by necessity don’t allow the luxury of turning your mind off. But they were good weeks. Just no time to blog. But I’m back at it this week!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Last Wednesday, several of us made a trip to Lipscomb for a college visit: Lindsay Slone, Lauren Young, Alayna Super, Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Wes Burcham, Calvin Cooper, Joey Armstrong, Darci Roberts, Aaron Taflinger, Ashley Earls. And Josh Link and Jessica Duty, from Lipscomb’s admissions department, worked really hard to set up our day and make sure it ran smoothly. Also a big thanks to Mackenzie Johnson who took a couple of the teens to class with her.
  • While I was at Lipscomb, I also got to see Taryn Hill and Earl Lavender briefly. And we all got to hang out with Nikki Arnold, Callie Ann Starkey, Luke Burris,  Caroline Cook, Meghan Hill, Davis, Kirk Averitt.
  • Alayna was an excellent co-pilot / DJ on the late night drive home from Nashville!
  • Friday morning was youth group breakfast, which is always a great way to start the day and weekend. Collin brought along a book he borrowed from the school library that teaches you how to draw Bakugans.
  • I was able to volunteer some time at school in Collin’s class on Friday morning. I taught a lesson on the science of popcorn popping! I took in the popcorn machine from the youth room and it was really funny to watch them ‘ooo’ and ‘ahhh’ while the popcorn popped. Collin was my proud assistant, which is a job he took very seriously.
  • Friday through Sunday was the annual SMBC Fall Retreat. It was great to hang out with the teens all weekend. Curt Parsley and Jimmy Pierce did a gret job planning and running the weekend. Steve Corp and Matthew Canada also worked hard to help lead/speak for worship times.
  • Beth Parsley’s grandpa, Emerson, is doing better and is out of ICU. He had a couple of stokes last week so please keep him in your prayers.
  • Nikki, Luke and Caroline came home for the weekend and brought some friends with them from Lipscomb. All the friends were great to meet and spend a little time with: Mackenzie, Sarah Dougan, Camille Santos, and Angela Harriger.
  • Sunday morning youth group class was a good discussion even though most of the teens were still out at the retreat. John Hudson joined us for class and it’s always good to have him around.
  • Sunday was a quiet afternoon at home with Michelle and the kids. And I got to watch most of the Colts game.
  • Collin and I played a game of Bakugans, which he won as usual, but I’m thinking he cheats.
  • Upper Room Sunday night was a good discussion also about we need to be well intentioned toward others. Curt joined us, which is always a treat!
  • Michelle made some great shredded chicken with vegetables and mexican seasoning that we had on corn wraps.
  • Collin and I went for a bike ride in the dark, which was our first time to go in the dark. I think he felt like manly out on he dark streets.
  • Elsa is singing ‘For the Lord Is a Righteous God’ now as one of her favorite songs. She and Collin are also both still singing that ridiculous ‘Daz-Daz-Dazzling Day’ song hey heard at Holiday World this summer with Grammy and Pappy. It’s hilarious when they sing, dance and then take their bows for applause.
  • Michelle and I got to play Scrabble last night during Sunday Night Football; three of my favorite things.
  • I got almost 7 hours of sleep, which hasn’t happened very often here lately.
  • God is reflecting Himself in the people around me.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!



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