Daily Thanks – 9/28/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Monday morning was nice and chilly. October is coming. I love October.
  • It was peaceful morning at my desk to catch up on a few things after being gone this weekend.
  • I drove up to Papa John’s to pick up pizzas and got to chat with Willy and Courtney, who run the place. They’re always cool to visit with.
  • We had our usual Monday Pizza Lunch, which I enjoy because the teens are amusing at lunch!
  • Jonathan Arnold stopped by for a visit in the afternoon. Jonathan is a good boy with a lot of potential!
  • After school, some of us went to see Lindsay Slone at work and drink some smoothies: Collin, Elsa, James Warren, Joey Armstrong, Calvin Cooper, Nicki Coleman, Jake Parsley. Curt also met us there.
  • I also got to see Emily Murphy while we were there.
  • Michelle is a good mom and always letting the kids do creative things. She sees an ‘experience’ where I just see a mess. So when I got home from the office, Collin and Elsa went to the backyard. Elsa played with playdough while Collin took a huge, bright orange ball of yarn (provided by Michelle) and made something that looked like a ropes course all over the backyard. And we have a big backyard. He had it strung over his fort, around the swing, around the clothes line, through the door handles on the shed, across the garden and over several tree limbs that he had to actually throw the ball of yarn over. He’s special.
  • Dinner was really good of fresh squash, onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, garlic and tomatoes sauteed with buffalo meat seasoned with cumin and chili powder. We had it in corn wraps with fresh bean & corn salsa. Good stuff.
  • Collin and I got to take our first bike ride in a week!!
  • Sometimes I get a good chuckle out of the kids getting in trouble. That may sound bad but let me explain. At bed time, Michelle walked into her bathroom to find many surfaces soaking wet and a spray bottle sitting in a small puddle of water. She asked Elsa if she’d done it but Elsa said no. The problem is that no one else had been in there but her. So we sat her in time out for lying and told her she was going to need to tell us the truth or there would be more punishment. Elsa at first said maybe Anna or Emma did it but, of course, they were across town at their house. Then she finally said, “Well, maybe I think so it might have been me maybe so.” You would have laughed too.
  • Monday Night football makes the Fall feel familiar and relaxing.
  • Luke Burris helped me make a GPS purchase: TomTom 130S. I got a refurb model off  Geocaching may be in our future. I’m thinking Collin will enjoy it!
  • God sometimes seems to pack a lot into some days.

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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/28/2009

  1. DeAnne

    Collin will love Geocaching, as will Elsa. We enjoy both local and not-so-local caches.

  2. Jake Parsley

    TomToms are for people who can’t read a map. Or have the energy to get on Mapquest.

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