Daily Thanks – 9/25-27/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Friday was a hectic but good day. We got flu shots and Collin didn’t freak out like last year when he tried to escape by running out of the examination room and then out of the building into the parking lot. And he was happy that he at least got out of school for a while. We stopped to pick up mexican for lunch as a treat for the kids behaving well.
  • Michelle graciously let me be out-of-town this weekend to speak at a retreat in Terre Haute. She’ll tell you she has no choice but to let me go but I’m thankful she’s supportive and kind about my absence.
  • I drove up Friday afternoon to camp Wabashi, which I’d never been to before. It was great to be with Peter Reed, Jerimi Meyers and Wes Bedwell for the weekend. They have a great group of kids. I also got to meet the West family, which is lead by father Dennis, who were the cooks for the weekend. You can tell they really have servant hearts and Dennis made killer meatloaf. Then Julie West, one of the daughters, brought me sushi. It was excellent and very kind of her.
  • Saturday morning, I got to fish a while on the lake at Wabashi and Peter practiced his turkey calls, much to the annoyance of the local turkey population.
  • I met many neat teens this weekend at the retreat. I spent some good time getting to know a few of them: Bailey Chaney, Nick Stott, Brandy West and a few others. I also go to meet Molly Harris, whose mom used to go to my dad’s week of Bible camp when I was a little kid.
  • The Sowders family and Nanny helped to take care of my family while I was gone. I appreciate all of them.
  • Sunday morning we had a good discussion in youth group about God’s primary goal is for us to love each other and love Him and how everything has to fit into those two things.
  • It was also Visitor Sunday here at MCOC so there were several new faces in worship. Allen Burris shared his thoughts on each of us being a masterpiece of God. I think it was a very encouraging, uplifting message. We also watched a cool video by the Skit Guys called ‘God’s Chisel.’ You can look it up on YouTube. It’s worth watching. Some of us saw them do it live at Impact this summer and it was neat to see it again.
  • A bunch of the college kids were home and I to see some of them: Nikki Arnold, Callie Ann Starkey, Caroline Cook, Luke Burris, Lester Burris, Liz Young!
  • I got to baptize Noah Greene on Sunday. I’ve known Julie all my life and it’s neat to be a part of the life of her family.
  • Ryan and Sarah Ralston had us over for lunch of some great lasagna! We hadn’t been to their house yet and it was nice to see it. Ryan is quite the handy man and has built a very cool deck on the back. Larry Hollan and Amy Stout also joined us. We had quartet practice after lunch since we’re getting ready to sing for an arts festival next month.
  • Upper Room was a great time last night to hang out with some of the teens. We had a smaller crowd than usual, which meant some more time to chat with a few of them.
  • Michelle and the kids were playing in the back yard when I got home. She’s a good mom.
  • Collin and I sat in the recliner and watched the Colts beat Arizona.
  • I’m going to win my games in my fantasy football leagues this week.
  • God blessed and guided me this weekend to new experiences, new friendships and new thoughts.

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