Daily Thanks – 9/23-24/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Wednesday morning was See You At The Pole, where students all across the country gathered to pray for our country and their communities. Rebecca Burris, Alli Trevithick and Jake Parsley got up to meet me at 7:30 a.m. to represent our youth group. Kris Slaten, an old friend of mine who’s the youth minister at Tulip Street Christian Church, was in charge of the Mitchell gathering and he did a great job.
  • Cousin Christie took Elsa for her first manicure. They had a blast and you can see some picture of it on facebook. Elsa picked a pinkish color. Christie also took her out to lunch. She’s a good cousin!
  • Grammy, Pappy, Matthew, Kortni, and Owen are at Disney World this week having a great time!
  • I got a haircut. There are few simple pleasure in life that make me happier than a haircut. Kim Peck does a good job!
  • I got to see Lisa Buschmann on Wednesday! She came all the way from Germany to be at the Persimmon Festival since she was last year’s Queen. She passed her crown on to Katie Burton. Congrats to Katie! Jenny Day also worked hard to run the contest this year so a big thanks to her from everyone also!
  • Thursday morning I got to have breakfast with Mom and Dad on accident. I drove down to Orleans for Breakfast at Maple ST. with the Orleans teens but they all overslept and didn’t come. But Mom and Dad were in having breakfast so I had the pleasant surprise of hanging out with them.
  • Lindsay Slone and Rick Milligan helped me make a trip to get food at the Hoosier Hills Food Bank in Bloomington. We brought home several hundred pounds of food to feed hungry people here in Mitchell from our church’s food pantry.
  • While we were in Bloomington, Lauren Young met us for lunch at Bajio. I hadn’t been there forever and it was really good.
  • Clara Cave and I had a great chat. She’s a great person to talk to and to know!
  • I had a good chat with John Pyle about ministry the other day. He’s a good guy.
  • Michelle had dinner on the table when I got home. She made zucchini stuffed with buffalo meatloaf. It was really good.
  • We took a family treat trip to Paoli to have treats at Shakeburger. Collin had a raspberry sundae, Elsa had vanilla ice cream and Michelle and I had vanilla cokes. You should go for a treat at Shakeburger in Paoli when you get a chance!
  • Before bed we were talking about marriage. Collin asked how people figure out who to marry. Michelle said that you’ll meet many special people and you’ll want to spend time with the one you have a lot in common with. She said that the interests that you share are what make people interested in each other. So Collin said, “So I’ll marry someone who likes the same things as me? Like if we both like Tigers or if we both like to wear hats.” I laughed but then I thought that Tigers and hats seem better than the reasons that some people get married!
  • We read some Bible stories about Joseph before bed.
  • God is constantly talking to me through the words of my children.

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