Daily Thanks – 9/22/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • It was a rainy day and I love rainy days.
  • It was the first day of Fall and I love Fall.
  • Lindsay Slone and I met early to do some grocery shopping for lunch.
  • At the JayC Store, Judy, the front end manager was very kind to an old man. The old man was in the check-out line in front of us. He handed Judy a coupon but she told him he needed to spend at least $30 to use the coupon, which he hadn’t done. She asked him if he wanted to get something else to put him over $30 or just use the coupon next time. He said, “I’ll take a pie,” and then just stood there as a few silent seconds passed. So Judy said, “What kind of pie?” to which the old man said he’d liked cherry the best. Judy smiled and asked him if he wanted it to be sugar-free. He said no and she went to fetch his pie for him. We all stood in line behind him, waiting for Judy to get back. I didn’t mind waiting at all. The old man smiled as he waited. Judy smiled as she returned with the pie. It was refreshing to watch a little picture of humanity.
  • Lindsay and I went back to her house so I could teach her how to make white chili. She’s a good student and a quick study. She worked hard today to host some of the youth group girls for lunch at her house. And I also am thankful to Bob and Diane for graciously letting us use their house.
  • I picked Collin up from school for lunch. We met Michelle, Elsa and Jude at the Methodist Church since they were serving lunch for the festival. At lunch we had good food and good company around. We got to see Deb Cory, Lucinda Fletcher, Priscilla Cessna and Velma.
  • Priscilla and I talked about what a talented young lady that Emily is!
  • We saw Kortni out walking with Owen and Brecken. She was pulling them in their red wagon. She’s tough!
  • We had a great time at Lindsay’s while the girls ate lunch: Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely, Alli Trevithick, Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Ashley Earls, Clara Cave, Katie Thomas, Jocelyn Schlegel, Alayna Super, Addy Hardman and some of their other friends.
  • Jenny Day gave me some forms I needed so I can volunteer time in Collin’s class room with Mrs. Shipman.
  • As usual, we had a nice family dinner together and time to talk about how the day went for each of us.
  • The Festival’s activities were moved indoors this evening to the high school auditorium. It was enjoyable to see so many people from the community in one place.
  • One of Collin’s friends from school, Noel Slone, won Mini Miss Queen.
  • Michelle had the kids in bed when I got home.
  • I watched two episodes of The Office followed by two episodes of Seinfeld. That’s a great two hours of laughter.
  • God seems to guide many interactions so He can encourage His children in many ways.

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5 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/22/2009

  1. deb

    My thankfulness: getting to see my favorite, albeit fading (!) Spear family having a ‘lunch date’….Something about pulling your child out of class to treat him to a special memory, that speaks to my heart….
    AND I got to cast my eyes on the gorgeous Mr. Judah ! I have a soft spot for thirdsies (being one myself!) and cannot wait to watch his humor develop!!

    • Hey Deb, it was great to see you! And I like having special family lunches even if we miss a little school time. And as far as Judah’s humor goes, he’ll have to develop plenty of it to live in a household like ours!

  2. Julie Greene

    My big thanks is that my son is getting baptized and that he is having my life-long friend (to steal a phrase from said friend) baptize him. We certainly have been through a lot, but THIS will be the best thing yet!
    Now if I can get the middle child on the right track, then I can breathe a little easier!

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