Daily Thanks – 9/21/2009

Apologies to my daily readers! I didn’t write the past couple of days because my weekend was crazy and tiring!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Even though we woke up late, Michelle is a master at getting Collin ready and out the door in time for school!
  • On the way to school, Collin talked about how excited he is about the Persimmon Festival this week.
  • Elsa and I got to sit with baby Jude a while this morning.
  • I got all my SMBC Camp Board work finished up from our meeting over the weekend.
  • We had our Monday Youth Group Pizza Lunch as usual so I got to hang out with several of the teens at lunch.
  • Lindsay Slone went to pick up Chinese food for us for lunch.
  • Logan Howard and I got to have pretty cool chat about life.
  • Michelle dropped off Collin and Elsa at the office so the could hang out with me and the teens for FM. They had leftover pizza for a snack and possibly a cookie or two, although it’s hard to keep track of what they snack on when they’re around several teens who are all glad to feed them.
  • We’re changing the focus of FM to roadtrips for this semester. Some of the short trips will be for service, some of visiting and some for fun. Yesterday, several of the teens went with me to help shop for supplies for the youth room: Lindsay, Rebecca Burris, Alayna Super, Melissa Wilson, Jake Parsley, Joey Armstrong.
  • Rebecca taught Elsa how to do the ‘deer’ with her hand so that Elsa could join the silly deer herd that the girls make when we’re in the church van.
  • Michelle had dinner underway when I got home. Delicious, homemade pizza!
  • Collin, Elsa and I went to Rebecca’s volleyball game last night. She did great and we even got to see her score a couple of points serving! Rebecca also threw her little volleyball up to Collin and he played with it all night.
  • We read Scooby Doo books for bedtime stories.
  • The Colts won last night, although they’re gonna have to look better to win many. They had the ball less than 15 minutes last night.
  • God is guiding us through a busy, busy week!

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