Daily Thanks – 9/17-18/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • On Thursday morning I got to have breakfast at Maple Street Restaurant in Orleans with Becky Warren, Samantha Tharpe and Peggy Asbury.
  • We were in the church van leaving for Bloomington when we saw some people pushing a car down Main Street. We pulled over to see if we could help and Jordan Cory jumped right out with me to help push the car. He’s a good boy!
  • I had lunch with Beth Parsley and several of the college kids in Bloomington at Asuka: Emmalee Shover, Elizabeth Kackowski, Lauren Young, Lindsay Slone, Jordan Cory and BA Barlow. BA may have eaten his own weight in yum-yum sauce.
  • Rick Milligan brought me a watermelon this week from his garden. Thanks Rick!
  • Thursday night, I went to rehearsal for the Persimmon Festival’s Little Miss Pageant. I had to practice my MC job for the real show on Saturday. Teresa Reynolds works really hard to make this event a success. I also got to see and chat with Bree Hawkins, Elizabeth Saurez, Andrea Hudson, Perry Reynolds and Cheryl Hardman while I was there.
  • Elizabeth Saurez moved back to Mitchell, Indiana.
  • Lester Burris text me with a music related question. He’s learning more and more about music and singing. It’s interesting to see Lester diversifying his intellectual pursuits!
  • Alayna Super and I had a good text conversation Thursday night. She’s a bright young lady.
  • This morning I had Friday Youth Group Breakfast with Lauren Young, Rebecca Burris, Alayna Super, Joey Armstrong, Riley Day, Kinley Day, Chelsea Neely, Grace Armstrong, Addy Hardman, Collin and Elsa.
  • Since it was my day off from the office, I got to play at home with Elsa this morning. We spent a lot of time coloring princess pictures in her big coloring book.
  • I rode my bike over to the City Park for a surprise birthday lunch for Ashley Earls. Quince and Lisa had bought pizza to surprise her with. Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Katie Thomas, Alayna Super, Jake Parsley, Joey Armstrong and a couple of Ashley’s friends joined us.
  • On my ride home from lunch, I stopped to visit with Caroline Wilkins and Martha Slaughter, who were having a yard sale at Caroline’s house.
  • Elsa and I went to pick Collin up after school.
  • I got to take about an hour nap, which Michelle was gracious enough to encourage me to do since I have to be up all night tonight.
  • We went out to Spring Mill Park to the campgrounds where Matt & Jean Sowders are camping. They cooked dinner for us and we got to hang out, ride bikes and make s’mores. Tom & Paula Sowders also came out to join later in the evening.
  • We’re having a Youth Group Boys Allnighter right now at the youth rooms. They’ve brought in several video game systems and are planning to play all night. We’ve had some fun crazy guys here: Jake Parsley, Joey Armstrong, Ryan Smith, Cam Cooper, Calvin Cooper, James Warren, Tyler Gassman, Marty Fields, Seb Taflinger, Aaron Taflinger, Chris Taflinger, BA Barlow, Curt Parsley, Mike Mathews, Rick Morse, Wes Burcham, Matt Kimmel, Greg , Ben Burris, Gary Porter.
  • Beth Parsley made rice crispy treats for all of us at Boys Night.
  • Ben Burris came early to work on fixing some chairs.
  • God has led me safely through a very busy week and I have another busy week ahead of me!

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/17-18/2009

  1. Jake Parsley

    yeah, I forgot to set out those rice crispie treats until about 4 am

  2. deb

    Yes, Jordan is a good boy……I believe he wants to grow up and be Gary Spear…..:D

  3. Brian Shelton

    WOW! That was really nice!

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