Daily Thanks – 9/16/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • On the way to school today, Collin read part of a book to me. It’s fascinating and humbling to watch your child learn to read.
  • I had a neat message from Nikki Arnold this morning that she sent to Curt Parsley and me. She mentioned something that happened at Lipscomb that reminded her of our College Week at Bible Camp this summer.
  • Even though poor little Elsa is stuck home with pink-eye in both eyes, Michelle is doing a good job at the difficult task of getting the salve in Elsa’s eye.
  • I had a good morning at the office of reading and writing. I also watched an interesting documentary on teen culture before I moved on to lesson planning.
  • While I was over at the school, I ran into my good neighbor, Cari Isom, and we got to chat for a second about their new house. I’ll miss them across the street but I’m glad for them too!
  • On the way back from the school, I saw a moped gang. No kidding. It was 6 old men all on moped scooters riding together up 8th Street. It was either a tough gang or a group of off-duty Shriners.
  • Howard Burris brought in his tractor and brush hog today to mow down some the brush on the back of the church property near the railroad tracks. It’s awesome to live in a town small enough that someone can ride their tractor into town to mow down some brush just one block off Main Street. Howard is a good man and has served this church family really well for many years.
  • We had a great youth group class tonight with some new people.
  • After class, I walked outside to find Matt Sowders wearing a bath robe over his clothes. He’s a good guy to dress up for a bible skit for the little kids but it still cracks me up that bath robes are always used in bible skits!
  • Courtney Solliday is back in Mitchell.
  • Tonight, Michelle asked Collin, “If you could make one wish for anything in the world, what would your wish be?” Collin thought for a second and said, “I’d wish that junk food was good for you.” He’s special.
  • Michelle made a snack tonight by putting chocolate and marshmallows on a graham cracker and then putting it in the oven, under the broiler, to melt. She sat down and happily ate them all. She then said, “I wish  has s’more of those.”
  • Caroline Cook wrote me a nice message on facebook and so did Kerri Sizemore.
  • I’m now relaxing in the recliner. I watched a little Ghost Hunters but now I’ve moved on to Unwrapped on the Food Network.
  • God has given us many chances to learn that we’re all on this journey together.

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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/16/2009

  1. I am thankful you have a wife that loves s`mores. She must be the best kind of woman. Also, what the heck is persimmon pudding? I don’t think it exsists in ok?

    • Hey Jennifer!

      Yes, Michelle is a good wife and a good woman! Thanks!

      And persimmon pudding is a dessert made from persimmons. Do you guys have persimmon trees out there? It’s a tree that grows little fruits that are mushy and dark orange when ripe. The fruit is usually smaller than a golf ball. Let me know if you know what persimmons are and we’ll go from there on explaining the pudding!

      • jennifer

        I guess if we have them here I’ve never seen them. We must be missing out! I told my husband we needed to create an orchard out here- he vetoed the idea. Persimmon trees were not on the list.

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