Daily Thanks – 9/15/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • As we drive to school, Collin is really enjoying watching the progress of the new bakery going up on Main Street.
  • It was a great morning in the office for getting some weekly work finished up.
  • Lindsay Slone came in to help me run errands and prep for lunch.
  • Several of the girls from the youth group and a couple of their friends came for lunch at the FLC: Ashley Earls, Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely, Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Alli Trevithick, Cara Blackwell, Alayna Super, Haley Tanksley, Addy Hardman, Katie Thomas.
  • After lunch, Kerri Sizemore came to visit me!
  • I got to go pick Collin up from school. It’s always so funny to see all those little guys gathered in front of the school waiting to be picked up. You can see little pockets of conversations taking place and I can just imagine what subjects they’re talking about.
  • After school, Collin and Elsa went with me for a daddy drive. We stopped for snacks too!
  • We also went to Big Sam’s, the Amish farmer, house to get some fresh sweet corn and peppers and onions. He still has one field of sweet corn just now coming on. He’s done a good job staggering his crops. Mrs Sam, Lydia, always is sweet to the kids. She asked Collin all about school and said that Amish children start school at age 6, which is 1st grade for them. Lydia also gave the kids some rhubarb & strawberry jelly. It appears that I actually have Amish friends. I used to be a customer but I think they may be friends now. That’s interesting and I like it.
  • Clara Cave and I had a great chat about life. She’s a bright young lady!
  • Callie Ann Starkey and I had a conversation about persimmon pudding. You should pray that she can learn to love it so we can fully accept her up here in Indiana! Ha!
  • It was trash day for our part of town. I don’t think we spend enough time being thankful for the men that do this very messy job.
  • I had an Orange County Players Board Meeting in Paoli. So I got to spend time with some of my favorite fellow board members: Larry Hollan, Brandon Johnson, Maria Standiford, Jerry Wall, Imo Dedrick, Roger & Valerie Moon, Janet Perry, Mrs Uyesugi, Debbie Stroud, Cynthia Webb, Walda Tower, Pat Clements, and Martha Nice. Brad Collins will also be joining our Board soon. This is a talented, hard-working group of people who really try to provide our area with quality performance art.
  • Michelle had the kids in bed already when I got home. So we had time to hang out and chat about our day and life. I’m still glad a married her!
  • God has blessed me with so many good people who are important to me.

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