Daily Thanks – 9/14/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • It was chilly enough outside this morning that Collin asked me to turn the heat on in the truck on the way to school. I love Fall.
  • Collin said this morning that he wished school was only one hour long each day. Michelle said she wished that too.
  • I had a new kind of wrap this morning: whole wheat wrap, peanut butter and sliced apple with a sprinkle of kosher salt. At the risk of sounding girly, I’d like to say it was pretty tasty.
  • I got in a whole morning of work in at my desk. This is very, very, very unusual. I got caught up on emails and some planning for the Fall.
  • I talked to a counselor from the next county over. She called for advice on how to help a teen with some self-hurting and sexual issues. It’s very interesting to be experienced (old!) enough that other professionals call you for advice.
  • We had our weekly pizza lunch for the youth group today. There were several new people there.
  • Lindsay Slone and I picked up Mexican for lunch from El Compadre. And no, I didn’t eat pizza too.
  • After school, Jake Parsley, Wes Burcham and I went to see Lindsay at work at the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore. We bought smoothies from their smoothie bar and Lindsay made them for us. You should buy a smoothie there sometime!
  • When we got back to the office, Lauren Young and Melissa Wilson were waiting for us!
  • Matt Sowders brought Emma and Anna over to play in the backyard for a while and to pick up persimmons.
  • Chad Edwards sent me a text to say that baby Claire would be released from Riley Hospital on Tuesday afternoon or evening. It’s very exciting that he and Jennifer will be bringing her home. Keep praying for Claire!
  • Collin and I went for a bike ride while Michelle, Kortni, Elsa, Owen and baby Jude went for a walk. We stopped by and got a bottle of water from Matthew and then rode up the street to chat with Tom and Paula Sowders for a bit.
  • It’s been a great night of NFL football, from 7:00 p.m. till 1:30 a.m. and I plan to watch it till the end. I love football season. The only thing that could have made it better is if the Patriots would have gone on to lose instead of getting a win off McKelvin’s mistake.
  • Nikki Arnold made me smile with a facebook wall post.
  • Elsa and Collin are both asleep in bed wrapped up in one of my t-shirts. It’s funny that they like to sleep with my shirts.
  • Michelle and I got to laugh together several times tonight while we chatted.
  • God always has more of a purpose for our existence than we realize.

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