Daily Thanks – 9/12-13/2009

 I was a little short on time this weekend and combined the last two days. I may do weekends like this from now on as it gives me one night off from writing.

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Saturday was a relaxing day of mostly being around the house and playing with the kids in the yard.
  • Elsa loves to be pushed in the swing on the backyard playground fort. She laughs out loud as she flies back and forth.
  • Collin got out his tool box and nailed a bunch of sticks to his fort. He said the sticks would be perches for birds to come visit him.
  • I used my new leaf blower to blow leaves out of the backyard mulch beds. There’s something about the smell of a two-cycle engine that’s makes you feel like a man.
  • Collin and Elsa were still playing in the backyard and the shed while I was finishing up the leaves and I overheard Collins saying, “Elsa, it’s another great day here in Holiday World.”
  • I got to talk to Hannah Ledgerwood by email. I hadn’t talked to her in a while so it was good to hear from her.
  • Collin is always making me laugh. When he used “ain’t” in a sentence, Michelle told him it isn’t a real word and he should try not to use it. Later when we were alone, He said, “I think ain’t might really be a word, Dad. You know how to say it and so do I.”
  • Collin and I took a long bike ride and rode all the way over to his school. He felt like a pretty big guy to have made it to his school by bike.
  • I mowed and enjoyed the time alone to listen to an audio book.
  • After dinner, we all went to Spring Mill State Park to hike a trail. We parked on the upper side of Donaldson Cave and hiked over to Hamer Cemetery. The kids enjoyed looking at the names, dates and symbols on the grave stones. I think it’s healthy to have some time with your kids to talk about life and death, even when they are young.
  • We read a Dr. Seuss book before bed and Collin asked if I’d tickle his back so he could get sleepy. Elsa then said, “Daddy, you tickle my back so I can be happy.” I like having kids.
  • Sunday morning was cool and beautiful. I was at the office early for worship prep and some prayer time.
  • James Warren and Becky Warren came in the office early as usual and helped me get set up. Ben Burris also did his usual good work setting up for worship.
  • We had a great youth group class this morning with a talk about how God’s laws are useful and joyful. And Amy (Cessna) Redman came to class with us! Also, I got to meet Ashley Donahue. Shen came with Chelsea Neely.
  • Baby Jude made his first appearance for Kingdom Kids. Jean Sowders had Michelle bring him up so she could talk to the kids about how we treat babies with gentleness. She told the kids we should treat each others hearts with the same gentleness. It was a great point.
  • We had family lunch at Nanny’s house.
  • The Colts started the season with a win today.
  • Ben Burris worked on fixing some of the chairs in the youth office. Thanks Ben!
  • We had Upper Room out at Bible Camp tonight and had a great group discussion on gentleness.
  • Pappy and Grammy had all of us and Matthew, Kortni and Owen up for dinner: smoked pork bbq, yum.
  • Pappy is always singing old songs, which is cool. One of the old songs he sings is ‘Sugar Time’ by Alma Colgan from the late ’50s. The lyrics are “Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar at supper time.” Well, Pappy thinks its funny to change the lyrics to make fun of how often baby Jude fills his diaper. So Pappy sings, “Pooping in the morning, pooping in the evening, pooping at supper time. Oh that baby Judah, he’s pooping all the time.” So now Elsa likes to sing the song, too, with the new words. Pappy and I laugh out loud. Michelle is unimpressed.
  • It’s a lazy Sunday night and I’ve been watching football while everyone else is asleep. I love football season.
  • God is such a pure picture of power under control. He doesn’t treat us as we deserve but rather treats us with gentleness in the eternal scheme of things.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!



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