Daily Thanks – 9/11/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Although the morning came early, the alarm was going off early so we could go to breakfast. I actually hit the snooze this morning on the alarm, which I never do. Collin jumped right out of bed when I woke him up and was ready to go eat!
  • The people at Arby’s here in Mitchell are very nice. They had our tables pushed together this morning for us. We usually have between 15 and 20 of us for Friday Morning Youth Group breakfasts so it takes about 4 tables pushed together to hold us.
  • This mornings breakfast was great. It was a bunch of good people to chat with: Collin Spear, Rebecca Burris, Jake Parsley, Dylan Terrell, Rick Morse, Joey Armstrong, Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely, Riley Day, Kinley Day, Beth Parsley and Addy Hardman. We had a discussion about the events of 9/11. The teens were all in 4th grade or lower in 2001 when it all happened so they only have a limited memory of it, which is almost surreal for someone my age because it’s an event that’s defined an era for me. Addy told about her dad actually being in the Pentagon with a group from Crane when it was hit by the plane.
  • Collin showed me a picture he drew at school of the Ark. He told me he’d made a few improvements to make it better. The best improvement was the outboard motor that he put on the back to “speed it up like the bass boat.” That’s my boy.
  • Lester Burris and I had a conversation about music notation. This amuses me very much since Lester has never been known as a singer or music guy. But I’m very proud of him for learning new things and stepping out to expand himself.
  • When I got home from dropping Collin off at school, Elsa asked if I’d take her back to Arby’s for breakfast. Who know what those women working there think of me stopping in twice on a lot of Friday mornings. I tell them the food is for Elsa but they may not believe me. Ha! Elsa also put on a pretty sun dress before we went because “I put on princess dress to be pretty for daddy.” That’s my girl.
  • Elsa and I went to Applacres, which is a local orchard and market, to buy flowes for the planters on the front porch. The give out free cider samples, free popcorn and free apples for kids also. Elsa had two sample glasses of cider, a bag of popcorn and picked up an apple to take with us. When we were leaving she held the apple up and said, “Daddy start my apple for me.” She gets this from Collin. He doesn’t like to ‘start’ apples either, which means they don’t like to take the first bite. So I take he first bite and then they work off of it. Only my kids…
  • I got to have lunch with Grace Armstrong and we had a great chat!
  • In the afternoon, Michelle went to help with a party in Collin’s class at 1st grade. I stayed home with baby Jude and Elsa. That hour was the longest Michelle and Jude had ever been apart!
  • Collin and Elsa helped me cook dinner. We made our homemade rosemary marinara sauce from scratch (tomatoes and pablano peppers from our garden; onions and bell peppers from Big Sam’s amish farm) with shrimp to go over whole wheat pasta. Good stuff.
  • The good people over at the 1st Baptist Church were having a memorial service tonight and we could hear them singing and praying since they’re just a block from the house. I like living in a small town where many of the church families are active and involved in the community.
  • Collin and I went for a bike ride after dinner for about an hour. We rode by a girl who was of middle eastern descent and said hello. After we passed, he said, “That girl looks like our librarian except our librarian’s skin isn’t quite that dark.” I like it that my son doesn’t think in terms of ethnic labels and that ethnicity to him is nothing more than just variations in skin shades. I like that he likes all people. My dad used to tell me when I was growing up that ‘people are people so treat everyone like people.’
  • Lindsay Slone went to see a preview today of the upcoming movie ‘To Save A Life’, which was good research for a possible new teaching series for youth group.
  • We made a fire in our fire pit in the back yard tonight. Pappy, Grammy, Matthew, Kortni and Owen came over to hang out and make smores with us. It’s Pappy’s birthday! And it was baby Jude’s first time to sit around a fire with family.
  • Michelle and I are now relaxing with a cup of hot PG Tips tea and watching Man Versus Food. Good stuff.
  • God has blessed me with freedom; freedom in many ways. I pray I’m using that freedom as space to move around and bless people also.

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