Daily Thanks – 9/10/2009

These are actually from last night but I didn’t get a chance to post them until this morning!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • The mornings are feeling a little more like Fall each day. I love Fall.
  • I got to the office early to work on some plans for worship this weekend.
  • Rick Milligan came in about 9:00 and we had an interesting chat about the Restoration Movement and how complicated we too often make church.
  • We made our weekly trip to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank in Bloomington. Beth Parsley, Lindsay Slone and Rick went to help out. We got to see Ben, who is the head guy at he Food Bank. He’s always friendly and helpful.
  • On the drive up to Bloomington, somewhere asked Beth where she got something. I can’t remember what it was they asked about but Beth said she got it at “the gettin’ place”, which reminded me that my Grandma Spear always said that same thing.
  • We also were talking about someone who was acting kinda crazy. Beth said that they were either on drugs on needed to be drugged. I think that’s funny.
  • We went out for lunch at Asuka after we picked up food. Beth, Lindsay, Rick and I went to pick up Emmalee Shover at her dorm at IU and then Lauren Young drove over from Ivy Tech. So we had a good college lunch together. We also ran into Austin Caudell and Courtney McGill and got to sit at the table with them. They’re both cool people so it was neat to eat with them. Plus Austin taught Collin to swim this summer!
  • On the drive back from Bedford, we stopped in Harrodsburg at the mini-mart because it carries fresh buffalo meat. They get it from a herd up in Spencer and it’s a really healthy meat and local.
  • Maddy Fields and I had a good chat about life while having snacks at Casa Brava after school.
  • Michelle had dinner ready when I got home.
  • After dinner, Collin and I took a bike ride while Michell and Elsa took Jude for a walk. We all met over at the library and got to see Jacqui, the new children’s librarian. She’s really nice. We also ran into Kaci Bridges and Dakota Burnette, which was cool since I hadn’t seen either of them for a while.
  • Michelle popped popcorn for a snack so we could settle in to enjoy the kickoff of the ’09 NFL season. Collin is taking an interesting in football this year so I’m looking forward to watching some games together.
  • Michelle took care of all the duties of getting the kids in bed so I wouldn’t miss any of the football game. She’s a good wife!
  • Chelsea Neely is a good friend to me and others.
  • Steven Kirby and I chatted by text last night.
  • Lots of people are praying for little Claire Edwards. Chad and Jennifer had to take her to the hospital because she had a fever and maybe some virus. Keep praying for all of them. Claire will probably be at the hospital about 3 days.
  • Nikki Arnold sent me some really funny stories about how her week had gone!
  • God is giving me better eyes to see life’s small, daily blessings.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!



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