Daily Thanks – 9/9/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I woke up to another day with family and friends. They are the greatest blessings of life.
  • Collin told us this morning that he could only remember how to tie one of his shoes and that the gym teacher had to tie the other one. He’s special.
  • I was at the office bright and early after dropping Collin off at school. I’m working on lessons for our new youth group series, American Teen, which is based on a documentary by the same name.
  • Elsa had her first day of preschool today. She was really excited, especially since she has Anna Sowders in her class. When we were talking about if she was excited or scared to go today, she said, “I hope there are no boys in preschool.”
  • I had lunch with Wes Burcham and we had a great chat.
  • I got to go home at lunch time to see Michelle and baby Jude while Elsa and Collin were at school.
  • I went out to Spring Mill Park for a bike ride after lunch.
  • Bedford Office Supply brought our new copier today for the main office and we get the old copier for the youth office, which is very handy!
  • At youth group tonight, a bunch of the guys helped me move the old copier and a heavy stage platform: James Warren, Rick Milligan, Marty Fields, Jake Parsley, Seb Taflinger, James Clements, Evan Day and maybe some others I’m forgetting! Who else?
  • I appreciate Brent Fields and Mike Mathews coming to youth group with us to be a support to the teens.
  • Chris Wood put up a great blog post today about his journey with God. You should go read it.
  • Elizabeth Patton text me with a funny story that made me laugh. She took a quiz on facebook that listed which of her friends would make the best husband for her and I got 3rd place! Woo Hoo! I told her I thought she’d make a great wife!
  • I got to see my life-long friend Julie Greene tonight!
  • My friends, Becca & Lauren King, had a huge re-design of their Real Girls’ website. You should go visit it!
  • Collin and Elsa picked two interesting bedtime books tonight. Elsa picked Purpliciousand Collin had a chapter book from the school library about Mike Piazza, who used to be a catcher with the NY Mets. Collin was patient while we read Elsa’s book but after Elsa heard the first page of  Collin’s book, she said, “I no like pizza man playing b-ball. I not listen.”
  • I like chatting with Michelle at night after the older kids are in bed and she’s rocking baby Jude.
  • God is always surprising me with His twists and turns.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!



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