Daily Thanks – 9/8/2009

These are actually from last night but I didn’t get a chance to post them until this morning!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Elsa came to wake me up today saying, “Everybody get up!” She’s never up before me because she likes to sleep later.
  • So I ended up with Collin, Elsa and Jude all laying with me while Michelle got things ready for Collin to go to school. There’s a certain joy in having all your kids snuggled up in bed with you.
  • Collin and I had an interesting conversation about fog on the way to school. He wants to know everything there is to know about any subject we talk about.
  • Lindsay Slone met me at the JayC store to help shop for food for lunch. We then went back to the FLC and made spaghetti pie, sauce and bread.
  • Kedra Burris and Melissa Passmore also came to the kitchen to start prepping for the Wednesday Evening Meals that our church family has. They’re fun and funny to hang out with.
  • Some of the girls from the youth group came for lunch today and I was glad to see them: Grace Armstrong, Chelsea Neely, Katie Thomas, Alayna Super, Haley Tanksley, Melissa Wilson, Alli Trevithick, Rebecca Burris and Clara Cave. Lindsay drove the church van over to school when she went to sub so she could provide rides for the girls. Thanks Lindsay!
  • Kerri Sizemore came by to visit after lunch. She’s always good to chat with.
  • WARNING: BOY HUMOR…Collin, my 6-year-old, is always finding new ways that prove to us that he’s a man. When he comes home from school, he almost always goes to potty. It’s the sit-down-to-do-your-business kind of potty. Well, the bathroom he uses is right off of our family room. In fact, you can see the TV from inside the bathroom if the bathroom door is open. Michelle text me this afternoon to say that Collin came in from school, went in that bathroom, sat down to potty and then she heard him yelling for Elsa to bring him the remote control for the TV. He’s a real boy.
  • We had a great dinner that Michelle started and I finished of shredded chicken with vegetables and mexican spices on corn tortillas with some of the salsa verde I made. Good stuff.
  • Collin and I went for our usual bike ride. He’s confident enough now that he likes to take the lead and make me follow all his turns.
  • Upper Classmen Discussion Group was last night and we had a great discussion on what abundance of peace looks like as mentioned in the Bible in the book of 1 Peter in chapter 1. Lauren Young, Kerri Sizemore, Wes Burcham, Melissa Wilson, Alyssa Jenkins, Rebecca Burris, and Alayna Super all came.
  • Chris Wood wrote me to say he’s started a blog called ‘Strolling Through the Woods’, which I think is clever. You should go check and see if he’s written anything yet!
  • Michelle and I played Scrabble tonight. My longest word was ‘toggled’ but was only worth about 20 points. We didn’t finish the game but I’m pretty sure she was winning.
  • God gives me opportunities that I didn’t see coming. They just pop up and there you are being allowed to help people.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/8/2009

  1. monkeedaddy

    I got a little teary-eyed when I read about Collin’s request for the remote control. Our little boy is growing up.

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