Daily Thanks – 9/7/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I woke up to a day with no agenda, other than a family dinner. That’s a rarity and a joy.
  • We played a little Mario Kart Wii early this morning.
  • The kids helped me cook breakfast. We made whole grain pancakes. Collin and Elsa helped add ingredients and pour them on the griddle. We also chopped some fresh apples and then sauteed them in a little butter, brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Then when the apples were soft, we poured in some pure maple syrup. This was spooned over the pancakes and it was glorious. The kids both had seconds and told me I should be on Food Network as a chef. They’re fairly easy to impress.
  • After breakfast, Elsa, who is almost 4, climbed into my lap on the recliner and said, “Hold me like baby Judah.” So I gathered her up sideways in my lap and said, “Baby Jude is the newest baby but you’re still my baby girl.” She said, “I not baby girl. I the princess.” She’s special.
  • Michelle took baby Jude for a walk over to the Sowders’ and Canada’s houses. Her baby sling that she sometimes carry’s Jude in fell out of the stroller. Jean helped her find it. It’s good to have good friends.
  • While Michelle and Jude were walking, I took Collin and Elsa with me to Big Sam’s farm to by some fresh, Indiana sweet corn. Mrs Sam (Lydia) also had fresh zucchini bread this morning. There’s something very peaceful about visiting Amish friends and eating food that’s been picked and prepared by hand without ever touching any machines.
  • On our drive home from Big Sam’s, we ran across Addy Hardman, who was taking a walk with a friend. She’s always a joy to talk to!
  • We made salads and pasta for lunch. We had fresh, homemade sauce that I made a couple of days ago with ground buffalo and fresh tomatoes from our garden. It also had squash, onion, bell peppers, banana peppers, olive oil, a hint of brown sugar and oregano. Very tasty.
  • After lunch, I rocked baby Jude to sleep and then drifted off to sleep myself while I was holding him. There’s nothing in the world quite like napping while holding your sleeping child.
  • Collin and I took our daily bike ride. Have I mentioned lately that he’s my personal trainer? I was trying to teach him today to cut his wheel and slam his brakes so his back tire would skid around in a circle. You know you remember that being the coolest looking way to stop your bike! Well, he was focusing so much on practicing his skid that he drove head-first into a wall. I laughed. He didn’t and chased me on foot for laughing at him. Ha!  But neither one of us were hurt.
  • Pappy smoked meat all day for our family dinner. He smoked brisket, turkey, ribs, polish sausage, smoked sausage and huge hot dogs. We all gathered for dinner tonight and ate way to much: Grammy, Pappy, Nanny, Papaw Bob, Mamaw Maxine, Matthew, Kortni, Owen and all of our family.
  • During dinner, Collin said he loved the sausage and hot dogs the best. When he said, “Dad, look at my sandwhich”, I looked up expecting some bread to be involved in this ‘sandwich.’ Instead the little meat-lover had two pieces of smoked sausage with a slice of hot dog in between. It was one of  those don’t-let-your-mother-see-that moments.
  • After dinner, we had lots of fun. Pappy drove the grandkids around in the go-cart. Collin rode an old tricycle down the big, grassy, front hill a few times and lived through it. Matthew and Collin hung a lawn chair in a tree and used it as a basketball goal. They’re special. Matthew also played with play-dough with the kids. He’s a good uncle.
  • Kayla Butler and I had a text conversation.
  • We drove home to watch the Mitchell fireworks, which were held over from the 4th of July on account of rain. It was a good show and we watched it from lawn chairs in our backyard. Jude sat with Michelle and Collin and Elsa each sat on one of my knees. Most kids would ‘Oooo’ and ‘Ahhh’ during fireworks. Not my kids. They took turns seeing who could yell out the color the fastest and then would both clap after each firework. They’re special.
  • My friend Shannon Bradford Cangey, who I grew up with, wrote a blog post on yard sales and ‘inner snob’ that I greatly enjoyed. You should go read it.
  • God is always using people, from family to old friends, to teach me and encourage me.

Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below or start a Daily Thanks list of your own!




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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/7/2009

  1. Manda Jo

    Gary Joe, I just wanted to say that I am very thankful that you started this. I try to do mine at least once a week thru your inspiration on my facebook notes, and last week, after I mentioned Lesley Maze and Allison in mine, THEY both made a list of their own! I see a phenomenal spread developing here! May God be thanked all over Facebook 🙂
    Love to you always,
    manda jo

    • Amanda Jo! I’m glad that the thankfulness is spreading. I really do think it affects how people live when they’re looking for things to be thankful for. And you should be thanked too for being an inspiration to others on making a list too!

      Love you!

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