Daily Thanks – 9/6/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I was up for an early shower and everyone else got to sleep a while longer.
  • I had a tasty whole wheat wrap with a farm fresh egg from Big Sam’s farm on it.
  • I kissed Michelle, Collin and Jude goodbye as I headed to the office about 8:15. Elsa was still asleep!
  • Ben Burris puts in a lot of time and effort into worship setup of the computer, power point shows and sound system. He’s a good guy to have around.
  • We had a good youth group class today with a discussion of the fear of God being pure as described in Psalm 19. Very interesting and good thoughts were shared by most everyone.
  • Becky Warren did a very good job running the computer and power point for worship! Thanks Becky!
  • Jean Sowders really functions as our church family’s children’s minister. She did a great job today leading Kingdom Kids and the TeamKID’s awards.
  • Our worship theme today was faithfulness. Allen Burris did a really good job in his sermon to call us to faithfulness in our lives in response to God’s faithfulness while showing God is full of grace for people who haven’t been faithful.
  • I looked down our row of seats during the sermon to see Matthew sitting and listening intently to Allen speak but Matthew was wearing some kind of hand puppet on his right hand. He must have been entertaining Owen with the puppet and just kept wearing it. This gave me a chuckle.
  • The TeamKID’s awards were this morning; it’s out Wednesday night bible class ministry. Collin and Elsa got tshirts and medals with a bunch of the other kids. Then they all quoted and sang together up in front of everyone.
  • While driving to Bedford, I saw an old van with a washing machine strapped to the back doors. It was just lashed on there with some ratchet straps; not sitting on anything, just suspended there. This kind of thing falls into my favorite category of ‘Stupid & Awesome’.
  • Nanny had Sunday family lunch for all of us as usual.
  • I was back to the office about 3:30 to get some work done. Several of the teens came early to look through some old youth group pictures. It was hilarious and I’ll be posting some of those pics in my Pic of the Week.
  • We had a great discussion in Upper Room about what it means to be faithful and how faithfulness can be affected by personality and life experiences.
  • We picked several more ripe tomatoes from the garden. That’s pretty good for it being a week into September. I also harvested my first sunflower head. It’ll have to hang in the garage for the seeds to dry. Then I’ll pop them out, soak them in brine and back them. It’s my first attempt at homemade sunflower seeds.
  • We all sat around here at home and watched ‘The Sound of Music.’ Elsa was enthralled with the singing.
  • Collin had a wrap with peanut butter and banana on it. He enjoyed it so much that when he was finished he had peanut butter on his pants, his shirt and behind his left ear.
  • We read books at bedtime. Later at night, when the storm woke up Collin, he said the lightening was too bright for him to go back to sleep.
  • I went for a late night bike ride before the rain. Mitchell is an interesting place to ride around in the dark.
  • God is faithful because of who/what He is and it’s not based on my faithfulness.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/6/2009

  1. Jake Parsley

    It seems I somehow passed the gift on to Collin. Although, I’m not sure I ever did anything as extreme as peanut butter behind the ear. Mine usually were along the lines of mustard on the forehead.

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