Pic of the Week – 9/5/2009

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I ran across this picture that made me feel old!
It’s from the annual Burris Estate Cook-out that the Burris family hosts every July for our church family. It’s become one of my favorite annual events.
I think this picture is from somewhere around 2001 or 2002. Let me know if you have a closer guess than that.
That’s Matt Schwabe on the back of the tractor. Luke Morris, Ben Burris and Marty Fields are up in the cab. And that’s none other than Luke Burris in the foreground.
This picture makes me laugh!


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3 responses to “Pic of the Week – 9/5/2009

  1. Luke Burris


    It was 2002. I have an Impact visor on, ’02 was my first year of Impact.

  2. Brent Fields

    Hey man,
    Are you sure that’s not Max Uhbeloer in the tractor seat?

    • Hey Brent, that’s what I thought at first also. That is was Max. But when I blew the picture up great big, it looked more like Luke Morris. I asked Ben the other night just to make sure. But you were thinking just what I was thinking!

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