Daily Thanks – 9/5/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • We had a relaxing morning at home with nothing to do but hang out and play around.
  • Collin and Elsa got to help me cook twice today. At breakfast we made sauteed apples with brown sugar and cinnamon. They were in charge of the sugar and cinnamon. At lunch we made stuffed zucchini with home made meat sauce, which we made with ground buffalo. Collin and Elsa chopped black olives since they could do that with a non-sharp knife. They took turns adding seasonings to the sauce and stirring it. Then they each stuffed a zucchini half and topped it with cheese. They were delicious and full of fresh vegetables.
  • Collin and I played Mario Kart this morning. We finally unlocked the mirror race courses.
  • DeAnne Armstrong posted an encouraging note on my facebook wall.
  • I got to talk to Hannah Myers on the phone today!
  • When I was trying on a new pair of shoes today that came in the mail, Elsa said, “Daddy, you look awesome.” That’s funny.
  • I made a run out to Big Sam’s place from some fresh Amish sweet corn.
  • I had a good text conversation with John Hudson today.
  • Jimmy Pierce and I met to work on some camp things for SMBC. We met up at the coffee house at Lighthouse Christian Bookstore and Lindsay Slone was working! She made our drinks for us and then hugged us goodbye. You can’t get that kind of service just anywhere. You should go drink some coffee there.
  • We had a family picnic at Spring Mill State Park tonight with Grammy, Pappy, Matthew, Kortni, Owen and all of my family. Pappy picked up fried chicken. We all rode bikes and played on the playground. While we were across at the playground we heard a little crash from the direction of our picnic tables. We looked across the field to see two raccoons overturning the glass pan with our cake in it. We rode over to chase them off but they’re too tame to be ran off very far. They’ll eat out of your hand out there in the picnic area.
  • Collin and Elsa road home with me in the truck to haul the bikes. They sang at the top of their lungs the whole way.
  • We got to see Pappy and Grammy’s new car. The newly designed Ford Taurus. Pretty sharp.
  • After a snack, a bath and teeth brushing, the kids are in bed. Baby Jude is asleep still in his car seat and Michelle is snoozing on the couch. I’m glad all these people love me enough to live with me.
  • God designed us to love and be loved. Make sure you’re allowing both those things in your life.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/5/2009

  1. thanks for this diary entry today. it made me remember when my kids helped me cook. my little ones are 22 and 23 now and it’s still messy after they help in the kitchen!

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