Daily Thanks – 9/4/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • We woke up bright and early. When I woke Collin up, he fell back to sleep. When I went back to wake him up again, he said “I’m awake. I just need some time to lay here and stretch.” I’m afraid I’m getting glimpses of what his teen years will be like.
  • We had our Friday morning Youth Group Breakfast at Arby’s. It’s always fun with lots of people pretending like they enjoy mornings. Ha! This morning we had Rebecca Burris, Alayna Super, Chelsea Neely, Grace Armstrong, Addy Hardman, Curt Parsley, Jake Parsley, Beth Parsley, Collin Spear and Joey Armstrong. Did I miss anyone?
  • When I dropped Collin off at school, he said “It’s gonna be a 3 day weekend, dad, and I’m excited for only 4 days of school next week.” It’s amazing that already as just a 1st grader that he loves school breaks so much.
  • Elsa woke up when I got home from taking Collin to school. This was my day off so she asked if I’d take her to Arby’s also. So we went back through the drive thru and the ladies working there got to wait on me for a second time this morning. They laughed. Elsa tried to order French Fries for breakfast but they told her they didn’t have them ready at breakfast time. She asked if they had anything that tasted like French Fries so she ended up with some hash browns. She’s special.
  • Nikki Arnold posted an encouraging note on my Facebook wall.
  • Joey Armstrong started a blog. You should go read it.
  • Matthew filled up the gas tank on my riding mower.
  • It was great to spend a day home with Michelle, Elsa and Jude with nothing really on our agenda. I got to rock Jude to sleep once and I may have even slept a while with him lying with me. And then I got to hold him after his bath when he was all warm and snuggly. Good day.
  • I caught up on some yard work today: used the blower to blow leaves out of the mulch beds, sprayed some weeds with weed killer, mowed the yard and picked some garden vegetables. Good day.
  • Oscar & James Warren stopped by to say hello.
  • I got to talk to Ariel Rhodes on the phone.
  • Mitch & Amber Fields had their baby today: Drake Benson Fields. Everyone is doing great!
  • We went out to Spring Mill State Park tonight to play and ride bikes. Collin and I rode several laps around the Donaldson Cave playground area and then Collin and Elsa played on the swings and slides.
  • Elsa rode home with me in the truck since I drove out separately to haul the bikes. She requested ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and then several Disney songs. She’s fun to sing with because she sings loudly with heart!
  • Michelle and I are now relaxing with a little TV and internet while chatting. I also had a great snack of peanut butter and banana on toast drizzled with a little pure maple syrup. You need to try it soon.
  • God is always giving me chances to learn I was wrong. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing wise enough to appreciate learning even at the expense of your ego.

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  1. dudethatscrazy

    Yea Gary! – I always enjoy reading your Thanks before bed. I think it may possibly make my prayers sweeter.

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