Daily Thanks – 9/3/2009

These thanks are from yesterday but I ran out of time last night before I got them published!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • Collin made me laugh on the way to school. His front right tooth is just barely hanging on and he won’t pull it. So it sticks out at funny angles, which makes him look like he has ‘Billy Bob’ teeth that are all messed up. Today was also school pictures for him so he was practicing smiling without showing that tooth sticking out at an odd angle!
  • Baby Jude loves to stare at the ceiling fan in the family room. If the fan is off and we see him start staring at it, we turn it on for him. This always makes him act excited. I’m pretty sure he thinks he has magic powers to turn the fan on by staring at it.
  • I saw Charles Johnson riding a moped this morning. Charles usually walks to work at KFC so I was glad to see he has a moped now.
  • We’re getting a new bakery in town: Huckleberry’s Bakery. The foundation has been poured and the kids are very excited. This led to a good conversation with Collin about what foundations are and what they do. We talked about foundations of buildings, languages, life and faith. He’s a bright little guy.
  • Becca King Daniel and Lauren King left encouraging posts on my facebook wall. I’m glad to have them as friends.
  • We made a trip to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank in Bloomington to get bulk food for our church’s food pantry. Rick Milligan, James Warren, Jonathan Arnold and Josh Reed went to help me.
  • We saw Alyssa Jenkins while we were driving!
  • While we were driving, Josh told a story about a guy he works with being stared at in a restaurant they were at. They couldn’t figure out why the staring was taking place. This reminded me of something a guy at college used to say. He’d say there are only 3 things that people stare at: beauty, car wrecks and bare monkey butts. So all of you people out there can use that list to figure out which category you fall in when you’re being stared at.
  • I got to have lunch at Asuka with some of the college kids: Rick, James, Jonathan, Josh, Lauren Young, Emmalee Shover, Elizabeth Kackowski and their friend, Ann.
  • While we were at lunch, Josh was wondering about the pricing of their combination platters. Shrimp seemed to be mispriced so he asked why shrimp cost so much more than steak. I told him I thought it was because Shrimp are harder to catch than cows. This made me laugh at myself but everyone else just stared at me. Hmmm….
  • Matina Hobson, Rick and I went to Big Sam’s, the Amish farmer. Matina had never been so we drove out so she’d know the way. Big Sam told me to keep bringing new customers!
  • Elsa had her preschool open house last night for Little Lights Preschool at our church. Kedra Burris and Amy Morris do a really good job leading and teaching.
  • Collin and I took a bike ride while Michelle, Elsa and Jude took a walk.
  • At Curt Parsley’s suggestion, I’ve started reading C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy and I’m enjoying it. Curt also loaned me the books.
  • God has blessed me to have a job where I can spend time serving people.

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