Daily Thanks – 9/2/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I had an egg wrap for breakfast with a farm, fresh egg from Big Sam’s chickens.
  • Collin and I talked about how much he missed Mr. Hardman, his Kindergarten teacher from last year, on the way to school. He loves Mrs. Shipman, his 1st grade teacher, too.
  • Our church has a nice Family Life Center that I walk in most mornings. This morning I added just a bit of jogging to my time. No laughing, please. And sly comments and/or mental pictures are disallowed.
  • I had a fairly free day as far as scheduling went so I was able to get ahead on a couple of projects.
  • I even was able to go home for lunch. It’s always nice to see Michelle and the kids during the day.
  • Todd Thomas fixed my back-up laptop and had it ready for me. I had a relaxing drive to Bedford after lunch and some time to visit with Todd, who always makes me laugh. Todd also showed me Katie’s senior pictures, which were taken by Jean Sowders. Katie was lovely and the pictures were lovely!
  • When I came home from the office for a little while, Colli and Elsa played with me in the backyard. Collin hit green persimmons off the tree with his baseball bat. Elsa tried it but couldn’t reach the branches. So she jumped and took a swing of the bat at the same time. This landed her hard on her hind end. This made me chuckle, which I apologized to her for doing since she seemed to think it hurt a little!
  • I’m still picking several nice tomatoes each day from my garden. The sun flowers are also about dried enough to harvest for the seeds. And my peanut plant is starting to die. This is my first attempt at peanuts in the garden and you’re supposed to dig them up when the plant yellows and dies. I’m excited to see how well they’ve grown down in this good, ‘ole Indiana soil.
  • Curt Parsley and Rebecca Burris ran the popcorn machine to make popcorn for class.
  • We had a great youth group class tonight. Thanks to all of you who helped kick off our new fall series: ‘American Teen…Taken, Trapped, Transformed.’ Many of you said you enjoyed it and were looking forward to more of it. I am too! And many of you brought friends tonight so I hope you’ll invite them back again.
  • Our youth group is a place of building relationships and that everyone makes everyone else feel welcomed.
  • Matthew Canada, Mike Mathews, Brent Fields an Cory Knowles came to youth group class tonight. I like having other adults around to add thoughts and to let the teens know that adults care about them.
  • Rebecca Burris still loves me even though I accidentally dropped her during one of those ‘trust falls’ where you fall over and trust someone will catch you. I stopped most of her fall but she still hit the floor. Sorry Rebecca!
  • Elsa is soft-hearted enough that at bedtime she was still worried about Anna Sowders not getting a pink balloon at TeamKID Tonight.
  • Melissa Wilson is writing on her blog quite a bit. You should go read it.
  • Even though Maddy Fields and Shayna Kerr had a tree-related mishap this afternoon, they weren’t hurt badly.
  • Jake Parsley and Joey Armstrong were arguing about who was the biggest geek and they decided to settle the dispute with a game of Smash Down Brothers. That’s a video game, for all you non-geeks.
  • Darci Roberts sent me an encouraging text tonight.
  • Joey Armstrong brought his airsoft guns in for me to see tonight. He got a new, cool, fully automatic, battery powered one this week.
  • I got to do a fantasy football draft tonight with some of my best youth minister buddies. Todd Loyd runs the league for us.
  • Michelle spends time teaching our kids about God.
  • God is often preparing the way before us and then patiently waiting for us to walk His path.

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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/2/2009

  1. could you possibly be talking about super smash brothers?

  2. Joey

    Yes, he is talking about SSB. The 64 original. and it’s a 3-part match.

    round 1: SSB 64 -goes to Jake

    round 2: COD 4 FFA -TBD

    round 3: Rock Band -TBD

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