Daily Thanks – 9/1/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I woke up with another day to help whoever crossed my path today. And it’s always good to remember that your family members in your house are the first people to fall into this category.
  • I got to take Collin to school and he picked ‘Seasons of Love’ from the Rent soundtrack as his Ipod music. He just likes that song because of the big number they sing at the beginning: 525,600 minutes.
  • I went straight to my desk after the school drop off and had a productive couple of hours.
  • Michelle had her 6 week post-birth checkup with Dr. Scherschel and was pronounced back to normal and healthy.
  • Elsa and I had some daddy/daughter time while Michelle was gone. We went to the JayC store and she stood on the bottom railing of the cart while I pushed it. She likes to stand on it at the pushing end so that we both hold the handle and she can lean back against me as I push her around. Then we went to Big Sam’s, the Amish farmer, to buy some produce and farm, fresh eggs.
  • Dad stopped in to visit at the house and kill some time until his next appointment. He’s retired but likes to help people so he works part-time for Older Americans, which is a transportation service that provides rides to needy people going for medical appointments.
  • Some of the teens came for lunch at the office: Stephan Brazzell, Cody Burton, Ashely Earls, Grace Armstrong, Jake Parsley and Chelsea Neely. Lindsay Slone ate with us too and Elsa got to stay for lunch, which makes her feel like a big girl.
  • I spent the afternoon working on worship plans for this Sunday.
  • When I drove home from the office, I saw Clifton, Larry and Chop standing outside their auto repair shop across the street from our house. I was supposed to let them know how the church van was doing since they worked on it so, as I pulled across the road, I yelled from my truck that the van seemed great and that they should get a bill ready. They gave a thumbs up to say they’d heard me and Clifton waved one hand slowly to say he was in no hurry for the payment. A yell from a moving vehicle and a couple of hand gestures can settle business affairs around here. I love life in a small town.
  • Lindsay set up a new blog. You should read it.
  • Caroline Cook and I had a good text conversation.
  • Maddy Fields and I had a very good conversation and some pretty good nachos at Casa Brava after school.
  • Collin and I took our bikes to Grammy and Pappy’s house. Pappy grilled out and we road our bikes but the hills in their neighborhood are killer! Michelle and Kortni also road Grammy’s two bikes.
  • Pappy got the go-cart out and took the kids for rides.
  • Matthew climbed a tree with Collin.
  • Chad & Jennifer Edwards and Diana Edwards were out for a stroll and stopped by to visit. They were pushing baby Claire in her stroller!
  • We had Upper Classmen group tonight and we went to Starbucks for some hang out time: Jake Parsley, Alyssa Jenkins, Lauren Young, Lindsay Slone, Calvin Cooper, Melissa Wilson, Curt Parsley.
  • Melissa said she was hungry and I offered her some sardines that were in my desk. She said she didn’t like fishy things. I told her that she should eat fish because it is full of Omega 3 acids that are very much needed for your body to be healthy. Jake, who I suspect doesn’t like fish either, said, “The only Omega I need is Jesus.”
  • Rebecca Burris and the MHS volleyball team won tonight!
  • Nikki Arnold wrote to tell me she had to do puzzles tonight with the kids she babysat for. This made me chuckle because Nikki hates puzzles.
  • I unloaded bikes from the back of my truck after dark tonight. It’s neat to have a boy old enough that he can ride bikes with you.
  • I got to rock baby Jude tonight until he started screaming, which means he’s done with dad and ready for mom again. We Spear men aren’t known for being subtle.
  • I am coming to understanding that God is the question and the answer.

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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 9/1/2009

  1. Jake Parsley

    1. What? am I not important enough to be listed for lunch?
    2. I like fish, I just saw it as an opportunity to make a witty comment.

    • 1. The oversight has been corrected and your name has been added to the lunch roster!

      2. I’ve never seen you eat fish.

      3. You were up bright and early today to be commenting so early.

  2. Katie the Canadian

    I don’t like fish and I like Jake’s response to the omega 3 thing! I should remember that

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