Daily Thanks – 8/31/2009

These thanks are from yesterday but I ran out of time last night before I got them published!

Today I’m thankful that….

  • It was even cooler this morning than yesterday: a crisp 54 degrees when I took Collin to school.
  • I went home for a few minutes after dropping off Collin. Elsa and I sat in the recliner and read books together.
  • It was a great morning to sit at my desk to catch up on some work. The sun shines in from the east window right on me. I had the window open so the cool breeze could blow in. It was glorious.
  • I finally got my youth group contacts organized for the fall and updated.
  • Alyssa Jenkins and James Warren went with me to run errands and pick up pizza from Papa Johns.
  • We stopped in LightHouse Christian Bookstore to pick up a book I’d ordered: NIV/Message Parallel Bible. Alyssa and James got smoothies at their smoothie bar and I got an iced coffee. You should go in and try something there and support Lindsay Slone in her new job there!
  • Willie and Courtney, the people who run Papa John’s in Bedford, are really nice and helpful when we get our pizza from them.
  • We had our first youth group Pizza Lunch of the year. We had about 30 teens for it, which is a great start for a school lunch break.
  • Evan Day locked his keys in his truck at lunch here at the church parking lot. This made me laugh. Evan called the police to come help.
  • Alyssa, James and I ordered Chinese for lunch and, no, we didn’t eat pizza too!
  • Lindsay and Rick Milligan also hung out at the office for the afternoon. One of the discussions we had was about pizza crust. Rick said he’d bought a medium pizza from Grecco’s for lunch and was getting strange looks from people as he walked down Main Street eating it from the box. He said he finished it all off but only ate the toppings from the last couple of pieces. I said that’s a good thing to do because pizza crust is only a vehicle with which to get the toppings from the box to your mouth. Now, many people love pizza crust but to me it’s merely utilitarian. Rick agreed. He’s smart. Any thoughts from you pizza crust lovers out there?!
  • Lauren Young stopped in to do homework and hang out with us too!
  • We had our first FM of the year, which is our youth group hang out time on Mondays. Tyler Carter and Kenny Carter even showed up to hang out! And Wes Burcham brought a new friend, Brittney Saltz, who was really cool. Allison Canada also came down to hang out with us for FM.
  • We cooked buffalo burgers on the grill last night, which was great!
  • After dinner, Collin and I took a bike ride for about an hour. I think he’s turning into my personal trainer. Michelle, Elsa and Jude took a walk with Kortni and Owen. Collin and I rode over to see Matthew. He was working on a paper for one of his master’s classes on the price elasticity of Hostess snack cakes. We also rode by to see Matt & Jean Sowders.
  • Kerri Sizemore stopped by the house to say hello, which was cool since I hadn’t seen her forever!
  • I get a chuckle every time I think about Lester Burris having new-found singing opportunities.
  • Michelle and I got to relax while watching Intervention and Hoarders. Those series documentaries are fascinating.
  • God continues to amaze me with the people He allows to be in my life.

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  1. What about Stuffed Crust??

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