Daily Thanks – 8/30/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • The morning was a cool 59 degrees. It was sunny and a great day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
  •  Becky Warren and James Warren helped me get setup this morning for worship.
  • Noble Mundy was celebrating his 67th birthday, which meant that all the Mundy’s were in town. So I got to see Scott, Corinn and Bree. And Matt and Alicia Craig were in for the birthday too.
  • When I overheard Noble telling Duane Embree that today was his birthday, I said ” Noble you need to make a facebook account so we’d all know it was your birthday because facebook would remind us.” Noble said, “I don’t have anything to put on a facebook account. My life is barely interesting enough for a mailing address.” I think that’s really funny.
  • Youth Group class was interesting this morning and we had a great discussion about what it means to be in ‘awe’ of God and filled by something bigger than us.
  • Jean Sowders is leading Kingdom Kids now, which is children’s time right at the beginning of our worship time. She does a much better job at it than I did!
  • Kristi Shelton Jones was back home visiting this morning. It was good to see her.
  • Allen Burris spoke on ‘Goodness’ today and challenged us to be good to people because God is good to us. The best part of the challenge was for us to do this towards people who we feel don’t deserve our goodness. We should be inspired towards that goal because we don’t deserve God’s goodness and yet He gives it daily.
  • Steve & Linda Gilstrap are examples of goodness. They leave this week for Poland to serve people by teaching them to read/write/speak English. They use bible stories in their teaching as well.
  • Nanny fixed lunch for the family as usual. One of my favorite times of the week is gathering around her table to talk about life and eat together.
  • After lunch, cousin Christie rocked baby Jude. She’s getting in some practice!
  • Matthew, Uncle Denny and I had a great conversation that ranged from free market economics to which name brand yellow mustard was the best. Denny and Matthew felt pretty strongly about Plochman’s mustard.
  • I saw Dr. Debbie Craton, my doctor, on the Star Station today hosting a talk show called ‘It’s Rarely Lupus.’  This makes me smile for many reasons. And Dr. Debbie is actually an excellent host!
  • Drew Passmore and I had a cool conversation this afternoon.
  • We had our youth group discussion class out at Bible Camp tonight. Ryan Smith wins the good driver award for running over a pipe sticking out of the ground. Chelsea Neely wins the ‘I’m not coming to youth group tonight’ but showing up anyway award. Lindsay Slone wins the Get Better award for feeling well enough to be out tonight. Lauren Young wins the crash award for hitting so many things with the front of her car that I couldn’t tell which scrape/dent was the new one from the pole she hit tonight. Melissa Wilson wins the good person award. Rebecca Burris wins the good secretary award. I should probably award others also but I can’t think of any more at the moment.
  • Chelsea and I had a good text conversation.
  • Katie Thomas doesn’t think I’m really a creeper any more. Ha!
  • Rebecca is driving Lester’s car.
  • Michelle had dinner ready for me when I got home tonight.
  • Collin and I went for a bike ride while Michelle and Elsa took Jude for a walk. Collin told me that if I were a star on Food Network that he’d pick me as his favorite chef over Bobby Fillet (Flay). That’s a pretty high compliment from Collin.
  • Even though I locked all 5 of us out of the house tonight while we were riding/walking, I was able to get us back in the house. Collin and Elsa had so much fun being locked out that in their bedtime prayers, they thanked God for me locking us out of the house.
  • Baby Jude was fussy tonight and it’s neat to watch Michelle be so patient and loving with him.
  • God is good even though, so often, I am not.

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