Daily Thanks – 8/29/2009

I’m publishing this on Sunday even though the thoughts are about yesterday, Saturday. I got in too late last night to publish it.

Today I’m thankful that….

  • We had nothing to be up early for. It was also a beautiful morning that was just cool enough to make you think about Fall.
  • I’d gathered enough tomatillos from the garden to cook a batch of Verde Sauce, which is the green sauce you get on things at mexican restaurants. Elsa was my assistant chef. She handled the non-sharp and non-hot things.  She’s a good helper. We roasted the tomatillos, onions and peppers, then blanched some fresh spinach in chicken broth. Those things combined with some salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, lime juice, garlic and cilantro in the food processor. This is a great, healthy sauce. You should try it!
  • While we were eating lunch, Collin was arranging his food like he was the chef in a 4-star restaurant. He said, “If I’m this good at this stuff when I’m still little, it’ll be easy for me to be on Food Network when I’m grown up.”
  • Collin was telling how he’s lost three teeth so far. The first one came out in the hallway at school. This third one came out at Arby’s. But the second one he knocked out when he accidentally got hit with a bottle in the bath room at home. I can’t remember if Elsa popped him with the bottle or he hit himself on accident. Either way, this made me laugh remembering it.
  • I got to go on a bike ride with Collin right after lunch. He’s like to try to peddle hard to see if I can keep up.
  • Elsa, Collin and I went out with Papaw and Mamaw on their pontoon boat in the afternoon. My cousin Diane Shipman got to got also and her husband, Brian. Also my nephew, Conner, went. He’s also in first grade, like Collin. The kids had a blast and weren’t scared at all to swim with me in the lake. The had on life jackets, of course.
  • Dad’s pontoon boat can be started with a nickle. No, you don’t pay a nickle. They lost the key and they found out you can use a nickle to turn the ignition. So now we start the boat with a nickle. This makes me laugh because it’s pretty hick!
  • Elsa has beautiful hair that blows in the wind as the boat pushes through the water.
  • Collin and Conner helped drive the boat.
  • Collin, Elsa and Conner sat in the back seat of the truck and sang at the top of their lungs on the way home. The favorite song of the night was ‘Rocky Top.’
  • Grammy and Pappy took Michelle and Jude out to dinner in Bloomington since we didn’t want to take the baby out on the boat.
  • Mamaw gave the kids baths at her house when we got back so Michelle wouldn’t still have that to do when we got home late. Grandmas are the best!
  • God was apparent today in the sky and water and also in the laughter and singing of my children.


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  1. I love how you are thankful for even the simplist of things in life!

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