Daily Thanks – 8/28/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • It was a beautiful, sunny morning!
  • We had a great youth group breakfast at Arby’s this morning: Chelsea Neely, Riley Day, Alyssa Jenkins, Megan Watson, Kinley Day, Jake Parsley, Rebecca Burris, Melissa Wilson, Stephan Brazzell, Cody Burton, Evan Day, Collin Spear. Did I miss anyone?
  • Collin lost a tooth at breakfast; his front left one. He took a bite of his french toast stick and it almost came out since it was so loose. I told him to pull it out and he did, which surprised me since he usually won’t pull his own teeth. Plenty of cool blood from the tooth loss. He was pretty proud that the teens saw it all.
  • I got to drop off Kinley and Collin at school.
  • I came home to do a little work and then spend my day off doing yard work. I like yard work. I sprayed some weed killer, used the leaf blower to clean leaves from the mulch beds, picked tomatillos in the garden and then mowed. It was great and I listened to an audio book while I did it: Pendragon 5. I’m still trying to finish that series of books in honor of Jake Parsley.
  • I took a bike ride. I’m really enjoying riding my bike. I’m really sore but really enjoying it.
  • Elsa and I had a date today. We took a Daddy drive down to Paoli. We stopped in at Wal-Mart and then went to get ice cream at Shakeburger. She had a chocolate/vanilla twist in a cup and I got a vanilla coke. Then we stopped in to see Mamaw and Papaw in Orleans before running out to Big Sam’s, the Amish farmer, for some fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, sweet corn and Mrs. Sam’s zucchini bread!
  • Elsa and I picked Collin up from school. It’s always fun to hear about his day in that first burst of out-of-school energy he has.
  • Collin and Elsa helped Michelle put away clean clothes while I finished some things outside.
  • I’m beginning to smell the persimmons in the backyard, which means Fall is coming!
  • Michelle and the kids went to Jean Sowders’ house for a party of movies and pizza!
  • Matt Sowders and I went to his parents’ house for a cookout before the MHS football game. Tom and Paula fed me but I also got to see Kedra & Ben Burris, Howard & Gerry Burris and Mark & LouAnn Rader. The Burris/Sowders family always treats my family like we’re part of their family. I have always appreciated that about them.
  • Matt, Andy Fields and I sat together to watch the MHS vs Paoli football game.
  • At the game I got to chat with Clara Cave, Shelby Wilson, Toby Grider, Alli Trevithick, Alayna Super, Sarah Jenkins, Megan Watson, Cheryl Hardman, Marc Fields, Tyler Carter, Cortni Smith, Danny Reynolds and probably several other people I’m forgetting! It was a fun community night. But the game got called in the 3rd quarter because of the storm.
  • Lauren Young is doing daily thanks also. Others are writing thanks too. It’s refreshing for all of us to be intentionally thankful. Maybe others of you will start your list and join all of us!
  • Michelle and I have fun conversations here at night when all the kids are asleep. She’s a good person to be married to.
  • God’s plans and purposes are being achieved and I’m very thankful to be allowed to participate in them.


Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below!



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  1. i am going to go with my family today.. hmmm.thanks God

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