Daily Thanks – 8/27/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I got to drive Collin to school today and he picked ‘Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow’ as the song to listen to on the Ipod as we drove. That’s the song that plays on the Carousel of Progress ride in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. You should download it on Itunes and listen to it too!
  • Tyler ‘Dookie’ Morris and Rick Milligan met me at 8:15 a.m. so we could go load up Emmalee Shover’s stuff and move her into the dorm at IU. It was loads of fun. Pun intended.
  • I also got to see Elizabeth Kackowski, Emmalee’s roommate, while we were at the dorm. I like her; she’s cool! We helped her with some of her stuff too and we helped the girls rearrange the furniture in their room. I felt like a good ‘dad’. Ha! In fact, the gentleman who’s in charge of cleaning on their dorm floor thought I was Emmalee’s dad. It must be the resemblance in our hair color and skin complexion. (For those of you who don’t know her, Emmalee is blond and light complected; the opposite of me.)
  • Emmalee’s RA told me she was from Madison, IN and so I told her my cousin Mindy Lambdin Cochran lives there too. She knew Mindy’s husband, who is  band teacher there. Small world, as always!
  • Tyler and Rick helped me pick up groceries at the Hoosier Hills Food Banks so we could transport them back to our church’s food pantry. We had a really cool talk about theology and life. Those boys are thinkers.
  • Allen Burris was working hard to hang the big cross up on the back wall of the stage in our church’s FLC.
  • Kedra Burris found Ben’s Ipod! I was afraid I’d lost it somehow on the trip home from TN.
  • Grace Armstrong is trying to help a friend.
  • When our garage door had trouble closing today as Michelle and Elsa were leaving, Elsa said, “Daddy is big and strong. He can close it. Not mommy.” First, please note that it’s an automatic door with an opener. Second, please note that I hope my daughter always has this much faith in me as she grows up.
  • When Michelle told Collin that he would have a vacation day from school soon for Labor Day, Collin said that we should take a trip on that day. When Michelle, thinking he’d name someplace close to home, asked him where we should go, he said, “How about Mexico?” I have no idea why he said Mexico and he doesn’t understand the humor and irony of asking to go to Mexico to celebrate Labor Day. I hope you understand the irony.
  • I had good text conversations today with Steven Kirby, Clara Cave, Megan Watson, Grace Armstrong and Chelsea Neely!
  • Chelsea got a job!
  • Rebecca Burris text me to remind me to remind people to come to breakfast at Arby’s in the morning.
  • Collin and I went for a 45 minute bike ride while Michelle took Elsa and Jude for a walk. I’m trying to teach Collin to ride safely since he just started riding his bike. So when we’re on hills I remind him to use his brakes and not swerve until he gets more experience. On one hill he didn’t brake well, hit some loose gravel, skidded hard off into some grass, almost fell off but recovered and pulled back beside me on the road. I was about to tell him what he did wrong when he looked up at me while still peddling and said, “Good thing I’m an expert.”
  • Jude spit up tonight and it went right down the front of Michelle’s shirt. This made me chuckle. It made her take a bath.
  • I knew Ann Weeks. She was a nice lady who I’d known since childhood. She always was funny and kind. She worked with my mom at WalMart in Paoli. She died this week from a stroke. She’s home. That’s good.
  • God is faithful, even in death and dying.


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