Daily Thanks – 8/24-26/2009

This list of thanks covers the past three days. I was gone to a retreat in Tennessee hosted by Lipscomb University and didn’t have Internet access at the state park where we were staying.

Today I’m thankful that….

  • I’m home after three busy days! And that I’m sitting here chatting with Michelle to catch up on what my trip was like and how home was while I was gone.
  • Monday morning before school, Michelle asked Collin which kind of milk he’d been buying with his lunch at school. He said both. We thought he meant he’d rotate between chocolate and strawberry. He meant that he’d been drinking two milks a day at lunch. Michelle said that couldn’t be possible since she was only sending enough money for one milk each day. But Collin said he asked the cafeteria lady one day if he could have two milks. Apparently she looked at his lunch account and we had money left over from last year, which we didn’t realize. So Collin, the little fatty, has been buying extra chocolate milks at lunch from last year’s money without us knowing.
  • Monday I had a pleasant drive to Nashville all by myself. I’m not alone often and I don’t want to be alone often. But from time to time, being alone is a very good thing. It reminds you that you need to like yourself.
  • On my drive, I was able to work on memorizing some music for a quartet convention I’m going to in November. I also listened to my current audio book: Pendragon book 4.
  • Monday I got to have lunch with Nikki Arnold, Caroline Cook and Luke Burris. We went to Genghis Grill, which is a great place to eat.
  • Callie Ann Starkey loves me enough to be sad I didn’t get to see her during the short time I was in Nashville. Sorry Callie Ann! I wish I could have!
  • I got to help Todd Loyd with shopping for food for the retreat.
  • I spend a couple of days at Renewal, which is a youth ministers retreat sponsored by Lipscomb. It’s a great time of hanging out and sharing our lives and ministries together. Some of my good friends and some really good youth ministers were there: Todd Loyd, Jon Micah Richardson, Matt Hardin, Steven Kirby, Dustin Welch, Darren Raby, Keith Rodgers, Amos Sharpe, Eric Bogus, Kevin Welch, Todd Miller, Casey Rine, David Rubio, Jonathan Tucker, Kenny Wright, Tim Moore. (Did I miss anyone?!)
  • Todd Miller and I were a team again this year in the annual Renewal disk golf tourney.
  • I had a safe drive home late Tuesday night.
  • We had a drip fixed in one of of our bathrooms. Michelle had been hearing a dripping sound in her bathroom while I was gone. I checked it out this morning. I could hear the dripping sound but couldn’t locate it. I decided it must be a leak under the house that we could hear in the bathroom. So I went outside and looked in the crawl space and couldn’t see any water or leaks. After wondering if the drip could be in the walls, we finally called the plumber and I headed to the office. The plumber came and he could hear the drip too and looked everywhere. He even climbed under the house and checked all the pipes. He couldn’t find the drip either. He finally said it’s not a plumbing problem but that we might want to have our air conditioner checked. After he left, Michelle went into the bathroom again just to listen to the drip and she found it. She called me and asked if I remembered that we had that little baby seat in the bathroom and also if I remembered that the seat has music and sounds that you can turn on to soothe your baby. Well one of the sound settings is dripping water. It was the little seat the whole time. I’d feel extra foolish about this if it hadn’t fooled the professional plumber too.
  • Emily Murphy and I had a really good chat today. She’s always a thinker and has good thoughts about life.
  • I had lunch today at El Compadre with Laura Barlow, Lauren Young, Alyssa Jenkins, Lindsay Slone, Emily Murphy, BA Barlow, Jonathan Arnold and Jordan Cory.
  • Lauren got to hang out at the office with me this afternoon. I like having Lauren around.
  • Several other of my friends are now doing daily or weekly ‘thanks’, which I am very inspired by.
  • Elsa is a passionate little girl. She’ll need some help focusing her passion and spirit but she has enough spunkiness to change the world.
  • Baby Jude is so bright eyed and alert in his second month of life.
  • I work for a church family that I would still want to belong to even if I didn’t work there. A lot of ministers don’t fell that way!
  • God has a special place in His heart for people who are struggling and He loves us even in our darkest hours.


Join me in Daily Thanks by leaving your thanks in the comment box below!



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