Daily Thanks – 8/23/2009

Today I’m thankful that….

  • It was a beautiful and unseasonably cool day.
  • Our church family gathered for worship.
  • In youth group class this morning, we talked about serving our friends and how to cover people’s faults and failings; not in a way to be unrealistic but in a way to protect a person’s self-worth.
  • In worship, Allen Burris presented a theme on Kindness and challenged each of us to intentionally be kind this week in response to God’s kindness to us.
  • Deanna King, one of our teens, was baptized after worship this morning and I was honored to baptize her.
  • After worship this morning, Collin proved he’s a typical man trying to look cool in front of the girls. He’d scraped (or slightly cut) his leg last night at dinner. So after worship I was standing up front talking to Lilly Mathews and Lauren Hudson who are also in 1st grade with Collin. Collin walked up to where we were, pulled up the leg of his shorts to show the cut and said, ‘Dad could you check my cut for me to make sure it’s still ok.’ Good grief, showing off for girls at 6 years old!
  • We went to Nanny’s for Sunday lunch: food from the grill and whirls of mashed potatoes!
  • After lunch, Pappy took Collin to buy a kick stand for his new bike. They installed it together when they got back.
  • Baby Jude was laying on his stomach today and raising his head and shoulders off the floor. He also raised his hips up a couple of times. That’s pretty good for being one month old! I’m sure he’s gets his amazing muscles from me.
  • Collin rode his bike around Nanny’s yard while Owen and Elsa raced up and down the hill on the north side of the house.
  • While we were outside at Nanny’s, we saw a truck go by with a woman driving and a man sitting back on the tailgate holding the handle of a push lawn mower. The lawn mower was rolling/bouncing down the road behind them. I like living in southern Indiana.
  • My best laugh of the day was this afternoon. I was back at the office working when Lauren Young came. She’d lost her cell phone about a month ago so none of us could get in touch with her very easily here lately. She found it today. It was in her purse. For those of us who know Lauren, well, you know you’re not surprised. Ha! We love you, Lauren!!
  • Midge Hendershot, Deanna’s grandma, sent us brownies to eat at Upper Room.
  • We had Upper Room, our teen discussion group, out at Bible Camp tonight. It was a great talk about random acts of kindness.
  • Our life group met afterwards at camp. Good food, good friends.
  • We ended the night at camp with Collin, Elsa and Emma & Anna Sowders in the my truck with ‘Rocky Top’ playing on the Ipod as the kids all sang along. Jean Sowders joined in also. It’s her fault all the kids love this song!
  • I’m glad to be relaxing now in the recliner. All the kids are asleep and chatting with Michelle at night is one of my favorite times of the day.
  • God, in his grace, shows His kindness towards us daily, even on our most unworthy days.


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  1. Allison

    Gary Spear I ❤ u and I miss u! I have to get back to Mitchell to see Jude before he gets too much bigger.

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