Daily Thanks – 8/22/2009

Today I’m thankful that…   (I’m actually typing this on Sunday even though it’s about Saturday. I ran out of time yesterday!)

  •  We had some time to relax in the morning with nothing to do, which was great because it was Michelle’s birthday!
  • Collin, Elsa and I went to see Lindsay Slone up at Lighthouse Bible Bookstore, which is now where she works.
  • I ordered a new NIV/Message Parallel Bible that I’ve wanted for a while. I bought it with a gift certificate graciously given to me DeAnne Armstrong and her family. Thanks!
  • We had lunch at M Street with Curt, Beth and Jake Parsley to celebrate Michelle and Beth’s birthdays. Then Collin demonstrated his bike riding skills for the Parsleys. I also rode my bike with Collin. When I complained that my bike seat was making my hind end hurt, Curt commented that the seat I had was already a pretty big one that looked padded. Beth said, ‘Surely they make a more comfortable seat.’ Curt said, ‘Yes, they call it a porch swing.’ He’s a funny boy.
  • I got to mow the yard and have a relaxing hour of listening to an audio book: Pendragon 4.
  • I finished The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. You should read it.
  • We had a good dinner meeting at Steve & Linda Gilstrap with our church family leadership.

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  1. monkeedaddy

    You know what they say, “If the porch swing fits…”

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