Daily Thanks – 8/21/2009

Tontday I’m thankful that…

  • The morning started bright and early with breakfast with some teens at Arby’s. It was our first youth group breakfast of the year and we’ll do it almost every Friday morning of the school year. Here are the brave souls that made it at 7:20 a.m. today: Evan Day, Stephan Brazzell, Cody, Rebecca Burris, Joey Armstrong, Grace Armstrong, Whitney Baldwin, Elizabeth Patton, Heather Patton, Jake Parsley, Ashley Earls, Riley Day, Kinley Day, Aubrey and Collin Spear! I think that was everyone. Let me know if I missed listing you!
  • I got to drop Kinley and Collin and Jake off at school.
  • I rode my bike over to Matthew’s where he had his meat smoker going. Mitch Fields, TW Slone and I met to check the temperature and make sure the meat was cooking well. Matthew was up way before dawn this morning to everything prepped and setup
  • We drove to Bedford so I could visit Becky Warren in the hospital. She had her appendix taken out this morning and is doing well. She was in good spirits even though she was still a little sleepy from the meds.
  • We went to Wal-Mart to pick out a new, bigger bike for Collin. He rode so well yesterday that Nanny, Grammy and Pappy said they’d buy him a new bike. He loved it even though he had a little trouble getting used to it being bigger than his other bike.
  • Mitch, John Hudson and I met to eat lunch and babysit the smoking meat!
  • Kortni also helped keep an eye on the smoker today.
  • Mike Mathews could look at his classroom window at MJHS and see the smoker! He also came over on his lunch break to check on it.
  • Grace and Joey stopped in to see me after school.
  • Elsa often runs a pretend library from behind my recliner and she will personally deliver any book on any subject to anyone in the house.
  • Jude had a 4 week checkup and weighs right at 10 lbs so he’s doing really well.
  • I made some homemade salsa today, which was comprised mostly of things from our garden.
  • Grammy and Pappy had Michelle, Kortni and the kids up to eat pizza at their house.
  • Tonight we had the draft for the fantasy football league I do with some of the guys from church: Matthew, Mitch, TW, John, Mike, Andy Fields, Matt Sowders, Lester Burris, and Trent Holmes. Andy hosted us at his house for the dinner of smoked meat and then the draft to follow. I have a pretty decent team this year.
  • Riley Day, who was at the MHS vs Brownstown football game, kept me updated on the score!
  • Bryan Edwards and I had a short but interesting text conversation about watching people in the airport to see interesting behaviors.
  • Tyler Morris told me an interesting story by text also.
  • Caroline Cook posted on my facebook wall that she is excited to see me on Monday, which reminded me that I am excited to see her!
  • Jonathan Arnold ran some errands for me. Thanks Jonathan!
  • Steve Corp is working at Southern Hills Church in Salem.  He’s been there several months but I got to chat with him yesterday, which reminded me that I’m glad he’s here in southern Indiana ministering to teens!
  • God has blessed me with great friends and the freedom here in America to enjoy time and service with them.


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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/21/2009

  1. Lester

    again, nice drafting

    also, the salsa was very good…I did not comment after trying it

    • Lester, glad you made it home safe. It was good to hang out last night. And good drafting again on the part of the Kickers. My favorite pick of yours is the predictable drafting of the Colts’ Defense.

  2. monkeeboyy

    You can fit on a bike?

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