Daily Thanks – 8/20/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • I had a nice hot shower this morning to kick off the day.
  • Collin and I had a nice drive to his school.
  • Lindsay Slone and I had breakfast at M Street Restaurant down on Main Street. We had a great chat about life and purpose. She’s a good girl!
  • Luke Burris, Rick Milligan and Lindsay helped me with several projects today. We unloaded the church trailer of all the drinks left over from the pool party last night. Then we made a trip to Bloomington to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank to pick up bulk food for our church’s food pantry. After we got back and unloaded food, we went to get the grill at the pool and return it to bible camp.
  • People like Ben at the the Food Bank are willing to work what I’m sure are lower paying jobs just so they can serve people. He told me today that they’ve already distributed over 2 million pounds of food this year.
  • Rick, Lindsay and I went out to lunch at El Compadre but Luke went to Grandma Gerry’s lunch.
  • Ben Burris found out his shoulder was separated today but that nothing was broken. He hurt it in football practice yesterday.
  • When I went to pick up Collin after school, he was standing talking to his Principal and a teacher. That kid cracks me up.
  • Kedra Burris brought us a delicious dinner and cookies!
  • Terry Taflinger helped me and Collin put new tires on my bike tonight. Chris Taflinger helped some too! I also got to see Elyssa Taflinger mowing their yard tonight on the big lawn tractor. She looked like a little 3rd grader on that big thing! Ha!
  •  Collin agreed to learn to ride his bike tonight. He’s refused to try it since we took his training wheels off several months ago. It took him about 20 minutes and no wrecks at all. He was riding it so well at home that we went to the church parking lot. We rode about an hour together. He can even start off all by himself. Turns out he was a natural. Let this be a lesson to all of us to jump in and try new things!
  • Michelle and Elsa pushed their babies around in strollers while we rode bikes. Michelle pushed Jude and Elsa pushed her baby doll.
  • Kortni and Owen came over to play with us in the parking lot. Kortni even got on my bike to ride for the first time in years. When he saw her climb on, Collin asked her if she was gonna learn to ride a bike tonight too.
  • Collin and Elsa love to read and we read a book about making pizzas at bedtime. It was a children’s book but it still made me hungry!
  • Megan Watson wrote a ‘thanks’ note on facebook and included me in her thanks! I’m thankful she’s my friend too!
  • Michelle and I have good chats at night while rocking Jude.
  • Chris Wood and I got to play a little Texas Hold’em tonight on Facebook.


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