Daily Thanks – 8/19/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • This morning was a great morning. Collin is excited about school and Elsa is excited that preschool starts soon. I also forgot to mention yesterday that Elsa and I saved a turtle on our drive. We saw a car hit a small turtle but it didn’t crush it; just sent it spinning. We stopped and looked at it. It was pretty beat up but still seemed alive. So we took it home and put in a box in the backyard. We gave it water and Collin left it a tomato to eat last night. This morning it had eaten some tomato and was trying to climb out of the box. So we let it go. It’s nice to have the kids helping take care of nature in small ways.
  • Emmalee Shover gave me some hot pepper jelly that her mom made. Thanks Emm! And we had it this morning with some peanut butter on crackers. Collin liked it enough that he had it on peanut butter and toast.
  • While I was eating my egg wrap this morning with a huge farm fresh Teresa Birtles egg, I was reminded of
    A normal farm fresh egg (which are bigger than store eggs) help up to a Teresa Birtles farm fresh egg!

    A normal farm fresh egg (which are bigger than store eggs) held up to a Teresa Birtles farm fresh egg!

    what Uncle Denny says about eggs: “I’m not sure if they’re worth the wear and tear on a chicken’s hind end.” That always makes me laugh.

  • I got to spend some time organizing pictures and files from the summer.
  • I also forgot to mention yesterday that Jake Parsley was wearing a ‘Go Rebecca!’ t-shirt, which he proudly sported in support of Rebecca Burris at her volleyball game. Mitchell beat BNL for the first time in 5 years! I think it was because of the shirt.
  • Nikki Arnold made her profile picture one with me in it. I feel loved.
  • Lindsay Slone spent the day helping me shop and prep for the pool party. She’s a good girl.
  • Lindsay and I got to pick up Chelsea Neely and Katie Thomas to take them for their lunch break.
  • We picked up Chinese for lunch and I got to talk to Susan, the Chinese lady who owns the restaurant. I asked her about Grace Armstrong working there and Susan said over and over, “Grace is good, good girl. Very good girl. Very nice girl.” I’m proud of Grace for doing a good job.
  • Curt Parsley made me laugh pretty hard at comments he made on his zoo pics on facebook.
  • Beth Parsley sent Michelle a new book to read.
  • Our youth group and church family had a great Back To School Pool Party Tonight. Several people worked hard to help and prepared snacks so thanks goes to those folks. A big thanks goes to Luke Burris and Brent Fields who showed up early to set up and man the grill. Also Grace and Joey showed up early to hand out and help.
  • Nikki Arnold and Sheralee Kerr played with Elsa tonight at the pool party. Andy Fields, Mike Mathews and BA Barlow spent time playing with Collin in the water. It’s great to have such good friends to help with the kids when I’m having to look after the details and teens.
  • Nikki is so good to my kids. Elsa was sitting on Nikki’s lap tonight on a break from swimming. Nikki said Elsa was chattering along and squirming around on her knee and then got really still. And then Elsa peed in Nikki’s lap. Nikki just laughed. She’s a good girl.
  • Matthew & Mitch Fields loaned us a cooler for the pool party drinks!
  • Collin was a very brave boy at the pool party and ‘swam’ alot in the shallow end by himself. Elsa went down the big water slide with Nikki.
  • I got to see Ariel Rhodes twice today!
  • Liz Young and Chen Zhu both talked to me by text today to say that college living is going well so far.
  • Michelle is such a loving, committed mother and wife.
  • God is living in us and among us and through us.


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One response to “Daily Thanks – 8/19/2009

  1. dudethatscrazy

    It makes me very happy to see so many wonderful people surrounding you. And I don’t even know any of you. All I can say is they must have a good leader.

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