Daily Thanks – 8/18/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Collin was excited about his second day of school. He has a little boy at his classroom table that  he said he can’t understand very well. It sounds like the little boy may need speech therapy. So we’ve encouraged Collin to be patient and help if he can. I’m excited to see Collin helping and serving people as he continues to grow.
  • Michell sent Collin white chili in his lunch box thermos today. He was very excited.
  • On the drive to school, Collin and I got to sing some and chat some.
  • I got to have lunch today in Paoli with Kendra Moon, Colleen Courtney and Charles Mathes. It was good to get to know Charles better and it was good to finally meet Colleen!
  • Melissa Passmore is updating all of our office contact lists! Thanks Melissa!
  • I got to pick up Grace Armstrong for her lunch break. She’s fun to chat with!
  • Elsa and I went on a Daddy Drive today per her request. She’s missing Collin since school started and we’re trying to make her feel special too. She wanted a snack from the gas station also before we went for a drive. We also listened to the disney playlist on the Ipod so I sang many princess songs with her.
  • Melissa Wilson and Maddy Fields both stopped by the office to chat after school.
  • We fixed a nice, homemade pasta sauce again tonight. We added shrimp also. Collin and Elsa can both peel their own shrimp now. (or Gimp, as Elsa calls it)
  • Elsa will start preschool soon. So Michelle asked Collin if he had any advice for her since she’s going to the same preschool he went to. He said, “Um, yes….don’t stand on the tables, don’t climb on the play kitchen, and don’t pour your drink on your food at snack time.”
  • Collin has music class this year in first grade. His music teacher is a very nice man named Mr. Fischer but Collin calls him Mr. Fisherman.
  • After dinner, we played out in the backyard but Elsa didn’t wear any pants, just panties, which isn’t a problem until you try to slide down the slide with your bare skin against the plastic slide. She finally made it down but it sounded uncomfortable!
  • We had discussion group tonight. There were only a few of us but we had a good discussion with those who made it: Jake Parsley, Curt Parsley, Jordan Cory, Ryan Fields, Luke Burris.
  • God blessed me with good friends to sharpen my thinking and my faith.

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2 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/18/2009

  1. DeAnne

    i love it gary. thanks for the bedtime giggles.

  2. monkeedaddy

    I had Mr. Fisherman for music too! He used to rock out on his gooseneck recorder.

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