Daily Thanks – 8/17/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Up bright and early with Collin, who was excited for his first day of 1st grade! He had a good breakfast, watched a few cartoons, brushed his teeth, kissed everyone, grabbed is Bakugon lunch box stuffed with a peanut butter sandwich, put on his backpack and out the door we went. I dropped him off at school and he jumped right out like he owned the place. 1st grade is underway.
  • I ran a couple of errands to get ready for our college day out.
  • Melissa Passmore was gracious enough to let me use the computer/printer in the main office so I could print out our tickets for the zoo!
  • At 8:45, 16 of us left for a day out together to Louisville: James Warren, Curt Parsley, Luke Burris, Lindsay Slone, Beth Parsley, Nikki Arnold, Sheralee Kerr, Alyssa Jenkins, Lauren Young, Elizabeth Patton, Tyler Morris, Bryan Edwards, Emily Cessna, Emmalee Shover and Jonathan Arnold.
  • Breakfast for the group was at Cracker Barrel in Sellersburg.
  • It was Nikki’s birthday today so we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her every hour, on the hour, except for 2:00 p.m., which we forgot until 2:30. But then Curt set an alarm on his phone to go off every hour and remind us. The song improved with embellishments through the day and Curt even added ‘Michael Scott’ style endings on several renditions.
  • The Louisville Zoo was a good time also. But the train ride was closed because it had hit someone earlier this summer. Who knew? We had fun, which was mostly due to the ongoing commentary by everyone. Last year we saw two huge turtles mating but didn’t get so lucky this year. Luke was rather disappointed.
  • Emily and Emmalee got to feed a giraffe for $1. They liked it so much that they got back in line to do it again. They were in line with some very cute Amish children.
  • We were all in line to buy drinks at a snack stand at the zoo. When Lauren stepped up an said to the clerk, “What’s the difference between the 32 ounce and the 2o ounce sizes?” This caused me to laugh really hard, to which Lauren said, “All I meant is what did the two cups look like in size difference.” At this point, the cash register broke. No kidding. It just shut down and refused to work. Lauren broke the cash register’s will to live and none of the rest of us got drinks. Haha! I love you Lauren!
  • We all took lots of pics. You can see them in the next few days over on facebook.
  • All of us sat down to dinner together at Ramsi’s On The World, which is a little restaurant on Bardstown Rd featuring world fare. It was great to share this meal together most of them will be leaving for college this week.
  • We had very safe, easy travel today.
  • Curt and James played DJ in the van today; a role that Curt is honing since he play DJ last Saturday as well. He believes he reads the mood of the van occupants well and responds with his musical selections.
  • Some of the college kids put dinosaur paste-on tattoos in creative places on their bodies.
  • Michelle fixed white chili for dinner here at the house and Collin announced, “My mom makes the best white chili ever!”
  • Jude’s umbilical cord came off today. So Collin prayed at bedtime, “God, thank you for letting Jude’s ability cord fall off and please help it to be healed.”
  • Elsa wanted to know if we could do something tomorrow together. She said, “Mommy and Jude stay home. Collin at school. Me and you get snack at gas station and have daddy drive.” She’s sad that her playmate is back in school!
  • Jude was wide awake and ready to visit after the big kids were in bed. He tolerates me holding him for about 10 minutes at a time and then makes mad noises until momma gets him again. Ha!
  • Michelle and I are watching the new series on A&E called Hoarders, which is about people who hoard stuff. It’s fascinating.
  • God is showing me more and more that my past investments of time, energy and love are paying off in people’s lives. That feels good.

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4 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/17/2009

  1. already starting school!!! we start next week!!! across the state border starts in two weeks!
    I guess your kids will be smarter than ours!! : )

    and I love new baby smell… you are a lucky family indeed! blessings to you!

  2. MammaFirst

    Loved the blog. Had to laugh, tho, about the turtles. Must’ve been an active year for them, because when we visited the Louisville Zoo last year, we saw the same thing. Guess everyone has one of those years, even turtles =) Little shocked by the train … my boysies will be very sad.

    • Hey Krystal –

      That’s funny about the amorous turtles! And we were really sad about the train. Nikki Arnold was especially sad because I’d promised to buy her a ride on it for her birthday. Of course, she’s 20 now so she may live through it. Hope your boys do too!

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