Daily Thanks – 8/16/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • Collin and Elsa woke me up together this morning.
  • After some hang out time with the kids, a shower, and my usual egg wrap, I headed over to the office to prep for class and worship.
  • Matthew had delivered my old laptop back to the office, which saved me from going to get it. Thanks!
  • Becky Warren came in early and helped me get some prep done for worship.
  • Ben Burris and Luke Burris came in to set up tech for worship.
  • Youth group class was interesting this morning with a discussion on being bad tempered and easily angered.
  • Allen Burris preached on Patience today in worship and challenged us to ‘be still’ this week.
  • We brought baby Jude up front today in worship for Allen to pray blessings over him.
  • Ashley Earls did a good job running the power point this morning.
  • Collin requested ‘Rocky Top’ and ‘The Fox’ as the songs on the way to lunch today. I love that he loves bluegrass and I love that his music tastes are eclectic, like mine.
  • We had family lunch at Nanny’s. I like family lunch on Sundays.
  • Elsa always walks around in Nanny’s high heels on Sundays.
  • I got back to the office about 3:00 p.m. to get a little work finished.
  • Upper Room was tonight for the first time after a six week break. I enjoy the Sunday night small groups that our church family does and my time with the teen small group.
  • Maddy Fields and I had a good text conversation.
  • Michelle made Pizza On A Stick for dinner for the kids. It was awesome. You roll out pizza dough, top it however you want, cut it into triangles, lay a popsicle-style stick on it then fold all of it around the stick. You bake them laying flat and then you really can pick them up by the stick to eat them. Pretty cool!
  • We’re picking lots of produce from the garden right now.
  • Michelle told Collin that when he woke up in the morning and asked for breakfast that she would be fixing it for a 1st Grader! School starts tomorrow here in Mitchell.
  • Michelle is shopping for a cool new stroller for baby Jude!
  • We’re sitting, relaxing and watching a re-run of SNL’s Presidential Bash ’08. Hilarious!

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3 responses to “Daily Thanks – 8/16/2009

  1. dudethatscrazy

    Thanks for instructions. They come in handy when my super handy husband tries to put together a ceiling fan and does it completely wrong. Although he still doesn’t read them, I can, and know how to fix the problem, even though he won’t listen when I tell him. He still does it his way. But at least I know to read the instructions – but only the english side. Which brings me to my next point – do they give more “in detail” instructions in the other languages – perhaps I should learn Japanese?

    • Jennifer –

      Your husband sounds like a lot of men with instructions! Ha! I’m lucky to be lazy by nature so the instructions are the first thing I reach for. I just want to be done quickly and correctly so as not to have to repeat any work!

  2. drtombibey

    We played yesterday at The Church of the Exceptional. You might enjoy my post on the service. The link is:


    Dr. B

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