Daily Thanks – 8/15/2009

Today I’m thankful that…

  • It was a bright and beautiful morning when I got up for a shower around 6:15 a.m.
  • My farm fresh egg was especially good this morning in a whole wheat wrap with some ham. I also may or may not have put on one very thin slice of hard pastrami but no one can prove it.
  • Several of us departed at 7:30 a.m. for Youth In Action, a youth rally in Louisville: Allison Canada, Curt & Beth Parsley, Luke Burris, Jake Parsley, Lindsay Slone, Chelsea Neely, Rebecca Burris, Katie Thomas, Darci Roberts, Riley Day and Melissa Wilson.
  • I got to see Allison’s new car today. Very sharp! And I’m pretty sure we could put it in the back of my truck.
  • It’s always fun riding in a 15 passenger van with several of your closest friends, many of which consider themselves good DJs for the group.
  • YIA was great. It’s especially good to see old friends and build new friendships. Plus Mike Welter and others worked hard to make it a great event.
  • The Real Girls were there and taught a class for the teen girls. I snuck in to watch from the balcony and was very impressed. These young ladies are committed to making a difference with their ‘Hate Fake Love Real’ motto and teaching. I was blessed to meet Lauren King and Becca King at Impact this summer and I enjoyed spending some time chatting with them again today.
  • Deeper still lead worship today. It was good to see Steve Corp and Chris Shields, who I’m glad to have as friends. Steve does vocal percussion for the group and performed one of the songs from the back balcony while the rest of the guys were on stage. He’s so talented he doesn’t even need to be present to perform well. Ha!
  • Patrick Meade and David Skidmore were the speakers and captured the teens’ attention well. They also affected the thoughts and actions of the teens. Patrick challenged them to serve people in the name of Jesus’ love and David did the same, with a specific challenge of encouraging your youth leader every time you saw a McDonalds, which is kinda funny but memorable. My kids started this on the way so I had many encouraging things said as we drove past 7 McDonalds on the way home.
  • Our good friend Peter Reed was there and we enjoyed some banter, as usual.
  • Many other friends were there whom I was glad to see: Bobby Davis, Brian Fuller, Lee Porter, Wendell Hudson, Steve Davis, Rachel Fields, Cathy Sego, Allison Ezzell, Heath Nantz, Josh Link, Larry Sawyer, Caroline Davis. That was just some of the adults. There were too many teens to mention them all!
  • For our dinner break, we went to the mall. Riley and Chelsea jumped on this bungee cord thingy that would spring them up in the air about 15 feet off a trampoline. It was really funny them flail and then try to do flips.
  • At the mall, Jake spotted a man in a wheel chair struggling to pull out his wallet. Jake left our dinner table in the food court to go offer his help. Jake helped the man retrieve a card from his wallet. Jake’s a good boy. He also came back to the table holding our his right index finger. It has some brown stuff on it that I assumed he’d gotten on himself when he reached in the man’s bag. What is that on your finger, I said. Jake said, “I sure hope it’s chocolate.” He went and washed his hands.
  • Curt bought me an audio CD of Ronald Reagan’s autobiography.
  • Allison gave me gum.
  • We drove home safely and I arrived at my house to find Michelle awake with all the kids asleep.
  • It was a good day.
  • God reminded me that He loves us enough that it warrants a response.

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  1. monkeedaddy

    Many people consider themselves to be good DJs for the group, but only one person excelled as the DJ for the group. Plus, it helped drown out Darci.

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